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True Eyes & Brows SE Combination 1.0.0

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About This Mod

Jimtownirish made these mods and they were on that other website then he pulled them and disappeared some time ago (as in years) thus abandoning them?

It's such a great mod I couldn't let it fall by the wayside as I use these in almost every character/follower/preset I use.
But two plugins that weren't ESPFE were clunky and took too much room on my load order, so I merged them and made them into an ESPFE.

Here is the original read me from the True Eyes mod (slightly edited by myself to reflect changes)


TRUE EYES SE DESATURATED - Complete Version - Version 1.03
BY: JimtownIrish

Version 1.03 Adds all eye options (desaturated) along with the .esp file.

This is a realistic eyes mod for the races of Skyrim.  These eyes were inspired by actual photographs and include new eyelashes.  Each texture was hand-crafted
with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Paint.Net.  TRUE EYES SE includes seven EYE styles, five EYELASH styles, and NEW eyes for every creature in Skyrim.  Version 1.02
includes everything in one package and addresses the vanilla NPC textures. 

    TRUE EYES & BROWS is fully compatible with everything including other eye mods, except those which replace eye textures.  The brows are compatible with high Poly brows when making a follower as well


    Use a Mod Manager



    [*]Textures (eyes & brows)
    [*]ESP file (merged and converted with Brows to an ESPFE)
    [*]Read Me file

    1. Fusion
    2. Inferno
    3. Lucid
    4. Nebula
    5. Original
    6. The Wilds
    7. Aurora

    1. Classic
    2. Exotic
    3. Lavish
    4. Original 
    5. Sensuous

*Creature eyes are INCLUDED in this version!


As this is a combo mod, optimized for SE and compacted for ESL I see no reason not to post it


Credit to Jimtownirsh for making the original mods, I've missed you these long years, dude.


I'm giving full perms on this mod. Use it for your followers! I require no credit, that should go to jimtown but if you want to give me a shout out then cool.







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