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Rune's Cathedral of Hope 1.0.1

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About This Mod

Additional content for the DarkPoint and Rune storyline.


During the waning years of the third era, Rune befriended the priestess named Jsashe. During this time the city-state of Whiterun was ruled by a fat, corrupt man who had more interest in lining his own pockets and his bed, then caring for those in his providence.


Rune wanted to build somewhere near Whiterun to help the poor, homeless and as a future hub for rescuing individuals from persecution. The then Jarl would only allow Rune to purchase a few acres of rocky ground across the river from the now Honningbrew Meadery.


Rune used her considerable influence and bribed several local Lords to depose the then Jarl and instate Jsashe as the new ruler of Whiterun. Construction of the Cathedral was started and Rune brought a contingent of Krarzul Orcs to oversee it. Also Ilimitar Keythana and a Tsaesci Weather mage used their magics to cloak and disguise the site to be mountains and clouds. Unless the viewer was at the base.


Jsashe broke contact with Rune and became known as the Witch-Queen and Priestess of Lorkhan.  She would never betray the existence of the Cathedral though and even took steps to disguise it further with her magics. Shortly after her rise to power, a group known as Horme and several natural attacks plagued the Kingdom of Whiterun and other settlements including Hrothgar.


A vast majority of the citizens had blamed Jsashe but had unexpectedly exalted her to the seat of power in Dragonsreach. She would earn the moniker of the Witch-Queen. Jsashe had a massive amount of control in the land, though her magic did not bring prosperity into her domain. Jsashe would continue to rule over the city of Whiterun into the fourth era. Luckily, the Nordic Kingdoms in the North were doing way better in the long run.


In current times it appears the return of the Dragons has broken some of the enchantments over the Cathedral as it is now slowly becoming visible.




This mod adds a large structure that contains a basic player home (not hearthfire compatible), room for quite a few followers (and more space for Vampires). There are a lot of NPCs added who all happily go about their business without the player being involved. There are crafting facilities outside and some basic storage in the player home area.


Primarily for RP purposes or use as a bachelor pad for your minimalist character.


If it proves popular I have plans to add a dungeon system that will eventually connect to Whiterun itself. I may also enable the Raven portals to select locations.


As with all my mods they are player driven, so please give suggestions, comments, reviews, criticism.

For more involvement, join my project discord - 




P.S. Patch file included for Willybach's Aeldsten (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/51595)


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