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Slavers Guild v1.0.0

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About This Mod

Shayks Slavers Guild!

This is a Huge custom Slavers Mod meant to be used with the Paradise Halls Series of Slavery Mods. Which let's you become the Slavers Guild Guildmaster by showing you can raise enough gold necessary to purchase the title.

It includes the following:



Fallen Angel Castle - Headquarters of the Slavers Guild which includes:


Castle Courtyard and Battlements:
[*]Slave Equipment Merchant. *possible Vendor Gold bug*
[*]Holding cages.
[*]Carriage driver to all major holds.
[*]A fully functional Ebony mine.
[*]Castle rear entrance with lakeside docks.
[*]Garden area for vegetable or ingredients, and Bee Apiary.
[*]Relaxation and sunbathing patio.
[*]Practice Dummies and Archery Target area.


Main Floor:
[*]Castle Guards Quarters.
[*]Slavers Quarters.
[*]2 Senior Slavers Bedrooms.
[*]A Escaped Slave Tracker to give you Quest.
[*]A Blacksmith Merchant for Armor and Weapons.
[*]Apothecary Merchant for your potions and ingredient needs.
[*]Bathing area.
[*]Dining Hall and Kitchen.
[*]2 Guest rooms, both with double beds..
[*]Tavern with a Bard for Castle residents to relax after hours.!


New Slave Processing Area:
[*]20 double Cells to hold up to 40+ slaves.
[*]Slave training room.
[*]Chow Hall and Kitchen.
[*]2 bathing areas.
[*]Guildmasters personal room.
[*]Taskmistress bedroom.
[*]Storage room.
[*]Magic Portal to the Slavers Guild Shipping Kee in Solitude.


Gladiator Training Area:
[*]Beds for up to 12 Gladiator Slaves.
[*]Large Training facility for Gladiator Slaves to train combat skills.
[*]A Guildmasters personal room.


Guildmasters Private Areas with 3 levels:

Lower Level
[*]Slaves Cells for up to 30+ Slaves.
[*]Training area.
[*]Bathing area.
[*]Harem Section with Pool and Beds for up to 26 Followers or Slaves.

[*]Guildmasters Bedrooms
[*]Throne Room
[*]2 Followers rooms.
[*]Guildmasters Office.
[*]Enchanting and Alchemy stations.

Upper Level
[*]Display room for Quest Items.
[*]Shrines to the Nine.
[*]Standing stones.


Slavers Guild Shipping - Solitude
[*]5 Triple cells for 15+ Slaves.
[*]Barracks for 5 Guards and 2 resident Slavers.
[*]Chow Hall.
[*]Bath area.
[*]Guildmasters private bedroom with indoor pool.
[*]Slavers Guild Dock.


Slavers Frigate
[*]Initially Docked at Slavers Dock in Solitude.
[*]Frigate sails to Dawnstar, Whindhelm and Raven Rock.
[*]Ships crew is 2 Deckhands, a Slaver and a Cook.
[*]Slave Hold for 10+ Slaves.
[*]Captains Cabin for the Player.


The Slavers Guild Mod contains new quest, new locations, 90+ NPC's  and Much, MUCH More. Too many new and custom meshes and textures to list.


1. SSE +DLC's
2. ZAZAnimationPack
3. Paradise Halls(PAH)
4. PAH_HomeSweetHome


Requirements for the Milk Mod Patch or Add On:

5. Milk Mod Economy (MME for SE)



1. Get this mod and requirements.

2. Make sure you have the requirements installed and loaded.
3. Install this Mod with your chosen mod manager.

4. Go to the Lake Ilinalta and purchase the Guild Headquarters.
5. Have fun!


Milk Mod Economy Patch or Milk Mod Add On

Two separate files, only use one or the other! NOT BOTH!



Adds 2 milk machines in the store room near the rear of the castle on the main floor.

For those just wanting a couple of milking stations in the slavers guild.



Add the same two milk machines as the above file, plus the Slavers Dairy, which includes:

* Dairy room with 20 Milking machines(10 normal and 10 bound)

* Two Dorm rooms with sleeping for 24 of your beautiful Cows and Milk Maids(6 Double Beds in each room)

* Private room for the Guild master when he/she wishes to spend some time with his/her cows.

(Includes another Milking machine bringing the total to 21 milking machines)

* LOTS of MIlk

* Also adds two more milking machines up in the Guildmasters Private Area on the upper level near the throne.


Once again.... Use only one of the above Milk Mod files, NOT BOTH!

Questions and Answers:


Q - Which versions of the requirements?
A - I use ZaZ 8.0, Pahe Lives on 7.5, and PAH HomeSweetHome 1.26. I haven't tested it with other versions.

MilkMod A - I use Milk Mod Economy SE 02-11-2021 by Ed86


Q - Is it AE compatible?

A - I reached out for help from Schaken and it's reported working on Skyrim version 1.6.342 and up. When AE updates and SexLab update

      there could be bugs, but patching should fix those if they do arise.




ThaneShayk's Other Mods

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