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Dolls SE 2.5.0 Update Preview Patch 3.2

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About This File

The dolls update preview patch includes many fixes + edits that are going to be in the next update. So far the preview includes:
- Fixed Dolls vanilla vampires
- Fixed Dolls BV
- Fixed Dolls + TeenDolls vanilla vampires
- Fixed Dolls + TeenDolls BV
- Added Racecompatibility Vampire system for compatibility
- A updated and customized skeleton that allows you to choose the base height of dolls
- Fixed Doll Ulfric crash
- Fixed forearm slot removing body
- Removed child flag(makes Dolls Natural useless)
- Outfit fixes, mostly fixes clipping but it also fixes for outfits that has physics while the body didn't
- Dolls Orc race head fix
- Ohmes, Lilithomat, and Histling vampire fixes
- Make them more in line with vanilla counterparts
- Consistency between vampire and regular versions
- Fixes weight sliders with a lot of outfits
- Remove unneeded changes to vanilla items
- Moved some changes from children overhaul esp to dolls esm
- Super experimental head update, only use it if you want issues


Reccomended way to install
1. Install Dolls
2. (optional)Install Racecompatibility
3. Install this update patch

What's New in Version 3.2   See changelog


Updated for latest iAS changes, requires iAS 2.1.0+

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