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Winterhold College Character Overhaul 1.0

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About This Mod


Winterhold College Character Overhaul
enb 2017_03_21 17_33_09_77.jpg
Legendary Version
Overhaul of the female characters from Winterhold College: Brelyna, Colette, Faralda, Mirabelle & Nirya.
Custom textures, custom outfits, UNP.
Standard college robes version available.

Complete character overhaul of the female members of Winterhold College. This mod will replace not only the textures and meshes for each NPC but will also give each one a new custom outfit. All the skin textures have been individually custom layered, using Fair Skin Complexion as a base.

All body meshes and outfits are based on UNP, as this is what I use in my game and I have no plans to convert them to CBBE or any other body shape. They are standalone replacers, so regardless of what body shape you normally use, you would still be able to use them. Some meshes are rigged for HDT physics extensions, so if you want to use those file versions with HDT, you will need to have HDT setup with SKSE installed, as well as a compatible skeleton, otherwise your game will crash. 

If you do have HDT installed or do not want the custom outfits, then use the All-In-One Standard Version.

In the Main files, you have the option of installing the All-In-One version, with all plugins and folders merged or you can pick and choose which ones you want to install individually. The 2K texture replacers can be found in the Optional files.


- Possible conflict with Immersive College of Winterhold mod, according to one user (see reports tab). I cannot independently verify this, since I don't use that mod.
- Obviously this mod will not be compatible with any other mod that makes changes to the appearance of these NPCs.
- Any mods that make changes to specific races will most likely not effect these NPCs, since they use their own edited version of that race.
- Any mods that make changes to the stats of these characters, should be fine, as long as you move the relevant plugin for TCCO lower in the load order.

If you experience texture glitches for any of these NPCs, such as textures turning black/brown, use the 2K texture replacer optional files. Or do a Quick Save and reload.. another option would be to go into console mode, click on the character and 'disable' / 'enable'.


BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente
CITRUS Heads (HD Meshes) by Blabba
DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
Freckle Mania by tetrodoxin 
KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky
NPC Nif Merge by Turulo
RaceMenu by Expired
Salt and Wind - Rough Hair for KS Hairdos by Jasper
SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam
Wigs - so followers can use KS hairdos with HDT physics by Montyj
Hieroglyphics Skin Variation Project
Hieroglyphics RaceMenu Overlays Plugin
Black Viper's Will - UNP-CBBE by redtox
Firekeeper conversion by Xuniana
KS Jewelry by Stealthic and Kalilies
Leah Lillith Jewelry by Kalilies
Luxurious Seduction by Raven
Mage Robes (HDT BBP) V1.3 by DenassaG
Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold v4 by BaboonCru MangoMonkey
PerPero Armour Pack by GomaPeroPero
Witcher 3 Female Armors by zzjay
SC - Witch of the Wilds by ShinglesCat
Discord Link to Schaken-ModsHeader01.png


Hieroglyphics's Other Mods

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