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TeenDolls - Elewin jewelry 1.0.0

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About This File


Thanks WiLLiSxD for the video!


A tiny part of my jewelry collection, uploaded due to popular demand. I don't really care about my mods ending up on other sites anymore, since, after all, I make mods for my own enjoyment, and I'll release some of them when I'm in the mood.

This mod is only the first part of my jewelry collection, which contains a navel piercing with 5 different color variations. Modeled on the CBBE Teen body, but should also work for the CBBE standard body.

Fully supports weight slider.

I may release other jewelry pieces in my collection (see image section for some WIPs) depending on the public reception of this mod. Not sure how many people like them, but since I have gotten quite a few requests, I remain optimistic.


Skyrim 1.8.171 Update. If you do not see the chest with patch 1.8.171 installed, then use console command "help elewin 4" to acquire the item codes.


Download, check the mod, enjoy.

Download, unpack, place "Elewin Jewelry.esp" and "the files" inside your "Skyrim\Data" folder, check "Elewin Jewelry.esp" in launcher, enjoy.


In a strongbox at the entrance of Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. See image section for more details.
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The images provided look amazing. However, it says it requires Helen's outfitters esp. Which unfortunately doesn't seem to be provided with that mod making it unusable. I'd give it a full 5 if not for that problem.

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