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76 Screenshots

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Compatible with:




  • ENB with AGCC is recommended



  • None - No permissions allowed.

About This Mod


3D Eye is a holistic graphics overhaul.


TO UPGRADE FROM VERSION 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 just install the Patch file.

If you do not have installed a prior version you will need the main file, not the patch.



1.0.1 - added further blood effects improvements



1.       Teaser




A visible diorama of Skyrim, 4D Rayonism, studies of harmony, color, light. Using occult and and ancient mathematics. Cutting with Occam's razor idle threats of performance. Providing beauty factor compensation.



Achieves everything looking 3D. Spreads easter eggs. Drives ambience to goosebumps. Alleviates eye hurtings and motion sickness. Optimizes mesh usage. Makes once big mods into minor, now obsolete mods. Hacks into metadata of image processing. Makes any textures look amazing per tweaks.



Overhauls every and each effect and gradient. Includes even a whole watermod as sidekick. Combines macrocosm and microcosm from greater sky to dust and fog pixels as they corrrespond each others. Melts down a synthesis between matter and immaterial intangibles. Introduces a wide trickbook of pseudo3D textures and optical illusions. Is cornerstone and foundation for future 4D gaming.



I'm righteous. The elders taught me. Gods, ETs, ancestors or angels, call them names. Always rejoice at light, never fall to the dark paths. Light is to win out over darkness, forever. Thou'll always have my accolade.



2.       Lore



As the Dragonborn grows, his mind grows too. Whispers get louder, perception raises. Handling these coins, collecting these soulgems, subdue greater harms and always on the watch. Apprenticing to the higher entities. This brings consequences, spiritual enlightenment to name it. The third eye.



Have things always looked so ... real? Mountains rise, rivers flow, scintillating stars, flaring horizons. Insects whizzing past, fires sizzling, then rays of power breaking through the gloom. Stare back into the eyes of priests and scum.



Take a look around, so much to see. Unbelievable beauty and heartbreaking tradegies, wonders of grandeur surrounding the blind. Shall tears wash your bleeding eyes. By the time you'll be aware, seeing everything in the end.



3.       General Description




3D Eye is a new graphics machine, which alters how visual data of the game is processed and displayed. Any textures you have installed and vanilla textures will be displayed to appear stereoscopic and much more detailed and defined.



Colors, gradients, effects and lighting are tuned to be harmonic and on focus of generating a trickbook of optical illusions in order to illustrate Skyrim in its rich quality and quantity multidimensional, holographic.



Therefor 3D Eye provides in addition to this hundreds of textures and meshes designed to provide detail and a vividly scuptural appearance.



Among the textures are huge systematic overhauls such as a cloud system, a complete watermod, an overhaul of the sky and stuff all the way across clutter and medium sized objects down to microscopics like particles, elements, insects and more.



The outcome of the modifications altogether is a dramatic visual upgrade of the game whatever mods you use in correspondence.



See the mod pictures for clearer comprehension.



4.       Setup, Compatibility and Performance




The installation of 3D Eye should be easy considering it’s volume and nature. Get the main file and run the FOMOD installer.



Install or uninstall midgame is possible but NOT recommended, I’ll give no guarantee for that.



ESLify or ESL-flag the mod is possible exept some future mods decide to make this their master.



Place the mod in your Load Order according own evaluation. In my opinion it should be loaded last exept some future mods decide to make this their master. Altering  the ESP contents (unsolved conflicts etc.) does harm it’s funcionality.



Double-check your esp to be activated.



Goto your Skyrim.ini and set fGlobalContrastBoost=0



This mod is designed to work in accordance to ENB, especially with ENBs using AGCC, or "Apply Game Color Correction". Goto your ENB settings and turn AGCC on. (Most ENBs have their settings ingame pressing Shift+Enter and/or via ini files. READ the stuff their authors write, not just installing stuff. AGCC might have different names like „Colorcorrection“, just have a look.)



If you don’t use an ENB or use an ENB not applying AGCC it’s recommended to get one. It won’t break anything if otherwise, but you would miss core visual elements.



If you have a Night Eye Fix you can turn that off, 3D Eye provides a workaround since some ENBs break that game function.



If your sun looks badly goto ENB settings and play around with it’s sun settings. Also check if other mods of yours like weather mods alter the sun and if you can modify that to match. In FOMOD there‘s an alternative sun texture less bright if everything said previously fails.



Further maintenance after installing is not really necessary. Check for updates frequently, there will be some.





About compatibility:



Weather mods, Water mods, Lighting mods, Recolor mods and mods altering game effects will probably conflict with 3D Eye.



Same for mods overhauling textures and meshes 3DEye includes, such as sky and cloud textures, currency mods and other texture mods like Soulgem textures for example.



This will result most likely in not breaking the game but you will have to choose and adjust what is overwriting what and in which order things are loaded into game.



Since I have conscientiously and pedantically produced my textures based on vanilla style and patterns to a painstakingly level I assume my textures are at least equivalent in quality and quantity to what other mod authors have to offer. Therefor I recommend to let my stuff win conflicts.



Example: Some mod authors edited effects. They in most cases upscaled stuff and did some counterbalancing and correcting filters, maybe some accent giving effect. You can look at some sample textures I did in mod pictures, this stuff adds plastic details to everything. The effort I did here to optimize them is hefty. I didn’t see something equal elsewhere. So in most cases we have a clear conflict champion here.



One more example: Look at the now available watermods, there is around 20 files in them. I did a complete water overhaul from drips to rain to puddles to rivers to waterfalls to waves to wet fogs and and and. To keep this coherent work consistent I suggest not to overwrite my stuff with some different style single textures.



Of course you are welcome to experiment that and share your results in comments.





About performance philosophy:



The trend of the last years was to make texture sets bigger and bigger since hardware went stronger over time – 2K textures, 4K textures, now even 8k.



This did at some point miss the mark. Oversized stuff in plenty cases wasn’t even visible or noticable anymore due limits of the monitor size and quality or stuff like antialiasing being redundant with it.



But it hit the performance, oh boy, I know many players with a stuttering game and low fps. Some couldn’t even save anymore in some cases since the size limits were exeeded.



I really tried to deny myself the temptation of making big size textures each texture modder faces. I know in some cases I failed, in others I kept it real.



So the scripts of 3D Eye take some performance impact and it’s textures too. Fact.



My files are packed in compressed BSA. That should help processing stuff faster.



The other side of the coin is:



People need to stop making these oversized graphics and instead reconsider how images are processed and applied. Mentioning these metagraphics reveal a gigantic idle power. Editing it provides a ridiculously high performance factor correction.



This is what my mod does. It upvalues any textures used. You can literally play with vanilla textures and my mod, it will look distinctive enough.



This means de facto you can install normal sized texture overhauls on you modding build or in some cases even take them off your setup with same or even better results.



That’s why 3D Eye is a performance mod effectively. And this is why 3D Eye is a very antagonal visual overhaul compared to others. Stop put to use oversized stuff, you don’t need it anymore. Instead we can put these resources now into mods of content like actors, outfits, story, worldspace extentions etc.



5.       Main Features and their Implications




5.1   Graphical Metafunctions



ESP content and scripts. This makes broad edits to the game’s visual functions. A non-final listing of modifications includes:

-basic color reformation

-tweaks for visual effects like blurring, berserker rage, night eye etc.

-image space improvements and adaption

-harmonic lighting and ambiente settings



5.2   UV tweaked Meshes



Mesh replacement. A collection of meshes improving ingame appearance of objects independent of which textures are installed. Patterns are modified to make more of even bad textures.



5.3   Gradients Overhaul



Texture replacement. Gradients are the maybe most underestimated textures of the game. Improving them concludes in drastic changes how everything illustrates. Includes DLC gradients.



Examples are gradients for creatures like the atronachs or gradients for enchantments.



I modified about a third of the gradients yet. The other two thirds are work in progress, their state how far I am editing them is actually an alpha status. For example fire effects are messed up yet, so these gradients are not included. I’m working hardcore on releasing them final, totally keen on it because they improve the graphics so much.



5.4   Effects Overhaul



Texture replacement of all game effects including DLC effects. This is finished exept some minor stuff I am going to add in the final release version. The bandwidth of what that covers is immense: Insects, birds, elemental effects of all kind, runes, animations, swirls, clutter, sparkles, blood, overlays, decals…



5.5   Water Overhaul



This is a complete watermod including literally everything wet: Rain, ripples, reflections, rivers, steam, splashes, drips, water surfaces, waves, luts, waterfalls and much more.



Swimming, diving or just having a walk at the beach should be fun now.



5.6   Clouds Overhaul



Texture replacement of the clouds. Of course this overlaps with the water mod such as in fogs.



5.7   Nightly Sky Overhaul



Texture replacements for the moons, stars, galaxy and so on. There is a barren moon optional chooseable in the FOMOD if you for some reason dislike my terran moon or just want to try something else.



5.8   Interface Overhaul



Texture replacement and modifications of the ingame interface such as the skilltree. Partailly overlaps with the sky overhaul.



5.9   Various Textures



Textures for some stuff I just was in mood for or to fill some gaps between the major features of 3DEye. There are new enchanting and alchemy tables for example, the eye of magnus, some books stuff, shadowmarks, soulgems etc.



5.10                      Currency System



That’s a system of some dozens of coins to find, collect, trade or simply slather it around like a civilized person would do. Coins have minimalistic weight to allay the ones saying this would be immerive but light enough to prevent it from being annoying.



Coins differ in a manner a numismatic nerd would be proud of: They differ in value, size, weight, motif, condition, material, origin and so on.



They have different immersive names like „Dwemark“, „Septim“, „Aldmark“.



Leveled lists are altered as far as I thought it wouldn’t be conflicting with other mods too much for avoiding a patchfest. (Hope it worked.)



The value and trading of them should be fun and appropriate to a RPG much more than vanilla setup. You will have to use your brain. Difficulty is slightly increased, but not overdone.



Coins are as items in the inventory with an „a“ or „an“ (as noun marker) prefix to sort them properly. Just sell them to the new faction.



5.11                      New Faction



In order to make the monetary system make sense I added a small faction named „Revenue Officers“. They change the various coins in order to collect taxes and contribution. They don’t have many functions yet but a basic dialogue, some uniform and sundries. Find them in every Hold.



I did my best to give the Officers kind of own characteristics, for example the Dawnstar guy is a happy drunkard. Well it doesn’t go too deep yet. To be expanded maybe. Revenue Officers are a bit limited as a faction and single actors right now, but make them too overblown could have been annoying too.





5.12                      Main Menu Decoration



In addition I did some little main menu stuff, optional to install. It’s the Skyrim logo in different variants, some main menu animations to replace the fog with one to choose if you want. Also I added a new main menu soundtrack as option.



6.       Foster the Mod and Author




Constructive feedback is very welcome. Some ideas about:



-          Goto the mod page and give a posive reaction or review.

-          Use the comments section.

-          If you really mean it you can support me at my Ko-fi account linked on the mod authors profile: https://schaken-mods.com/profile/85524-scherbenwelt/

-          Check my other work.

-          Hire me for graphic jobs.

-          Make bug reports if you find some. Testing is very time consuming and any hints are appreciated.

-          Tell your buddies about.

-          Marry me.

-          Please report if my mod is posted elsewhere or assets are used without permission.

-          Support Schaken-mods.com and help them get the good reputation they deserved. This is important, so many haters try to damage us. Come for a visit or join, you are welcome.

-          Have fun gaming, I did that for you.



7.       FAQ, Known Issues and Support




Q: Insallation doesn’t work for me, what am I doing wrong?

A: Activate the esp, you probably forgot.



Q: I don’t like this or that part of the mod, can’t I cut that somehow?

A: I’m planning to publish several main parts of the mod as standalone versions. I know the mod is too many stuff at once somehow, that’s my fault not drawing a line earlier. But I’m glad I made it so far to publish it finally. So for now it is one big mod, maybe some standalones will appear or I diversify the FOMOD. On the other hand please also consider: There are limits for the custom setup options of a FOMOD installer and it should stay a handy tool. Concernig technical feasability and practicability the number and diversity of choosable options is kept average.



Q: Is your other mod x included in 3D eye or not?

A: If mod x isn’t explicitely named something like „3D Eye - x Standalone“ or comparable and also the mod’s description of mod x says nothing about 3D eye, then this mod x is not included in 3D eye. For example my „Prestige World Map“ mod is not included.



Q: Your mods conflict with each other in file contents, what should I do?

A: 3D Eye is and will be my flagship mod and I’ll keep it up do date primarily. If not explicitely told otherwise 3D Eye should be superior to my minor mods and projects.



Q: Watersurface looks diffuse?

A: Yes. Love it or hate it.



Q: About coins?

A: C-o-i-n-s. Round metal chips. So-called money. If you think some values are imbalanced it’s probably one coin is bigger and/or has more weight compared to the other, which isn’t always clearly visible. I did spend a lot of time to make it logical and well-rounded until cost-benefit ratio was reached.



Q: What to expect on future versions of 3D Eye?

A: I’ll definately finish my work on the gradients. Also there are some separated blood effects I’d like to add. Cubemaps is something I’m heading forward to too. Expect some bugfixes in addition and later versions hopefully include improvements of the stuff I published in the inital version, the present case.



Q: You act strange, are you a real person?

A: At least I have been. Some events change a person forever.



Q: Which ENB do you use?

A: I used an old version of Re-Engaged for the screenshots, I think there is better options, just too busy to update.



Q: Other question?

A: Contact me in comments section, at Discord under „PYRAMJD#5493“ or join Schaken-mods discord server, I’m there.



Known issues:



-gradients not complete

-lensflare system is instable

-some fogs have edges like holes in it

-water ripples produce seems

-long thin waterfalls glitch occasionally

-enchantments sometimes are too areal

-mod may cause insanity, yearning and addiction

-sun may glitch sometimes despite the FOMOD options chosen

-various optical shortcomings since this is an early release yet


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    172.28 MB

    Action Fixes

    In Other


    Collection for minor fixes for several annoying stuff.   Eslify breaks a minor thing but nothing tremendous. 99% of stuff should still work if you do so.   You start a new playthrough, changing to female gender takes 3 sec meanwhile your first cup of coffee is empty. Fail! Fixed. Walking to next town 10 people chatter you from the sidewalk while you try to look the other way. Leave me alone creepers! Fixed. Talking to them is a nuisance, you click the wron

    123  2567 
    1.55 MB

    Prestige World Map 3.0

    In Overhauls


    Nextgen pseudo3D worldmap with 2.566.914.048 pixel, 28 meshes and map sound (optional). Best map mod ever.   Lore: "Through nature the human heart gets mildered and calmed." Adalbert S., Priest of Kynareth, 3rd era "I overlook the earth 'cause I see it from suns angle." Jus A., rarely known avatar of Tava Some time before the civil war a mapmaker named Maphack McHackmap offered Ulfric Stormcloak his services, which he denied even after McHackmap told that one can't rule a

    346  4939 
    2.13 GB

    Breast Weight Painted Hair SE

    In Body, Face, Hair


    avoids clipping between hair and breast for affected haircuts   This is a port of gamefevers mods Apachii Skyhair - Breast Weight Painted and KS Hairdos - Renewal Breast Weight Painted Hair   with his friendy permission (see pic).   All honor goes to him and his helpers. There are 3 files, one for only KS Hairdos, one for only ApachiiSkyHair and a third if u have both (=AIO). For more info please visit gamefevers mod pages (linked above).   Can't gi

    2,790  15811 
    1.06 GB

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