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Nusbie's Voices for SexLab 1.5

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Contains 6 English Female voices:
Elf Chick,
 2 Human
 and one creature?
Voices are English (or at least western) and have both moans and words.

Install File with your favorite mod manager. Load game and open Mod Configuration > SexLab > Rebuild and Clean > Reset Voice Registry. Wait for the message that voices have reset, then you can open Mod Configuration > Sexlab > Voices and SFX and deselect checkboxes for voices you don't want to hear. You will at least want to disable Pigmy, the joke voice, but the rest depend on your taste.


                                   It doesn't work?

 - Try starting a new game, wait until SexLab is installed, and check to see if the voices are in the Voices & SFX menu. If that works, it's likely either this mod or SexLab itself wasn't upgraded correctly. Try clean saving Nusbie's Voices as explained below first, then SexLab if nothing else works.


                                   Removing Words

 - You can remove words you don't like.
 - Open the installed mod files (Data/Sounds/fx/Nusbie), play the audio files until you find the one you want to remove, and either copy a voice you do like over it or just delete it. The first is safer, but users have reported that deleting works without problems.


                                   Manually Setting Voices

 - You can now set a voice for a specific NPC, or return it to random.
 - Put your crosshairs over an NPC, press the SexLab selection key (default N), and the option will appear under Mod Configuration > Sexlab > Voices and SFX.


                                   Clean Saving Nusbie's Voices

Use if upgrading Nusbie's Voices makes your Nusbie voices disappear. *thanks Sigure!*

 - 1. Disable NusbieVoices.esp on your favourite mod manager.

 - 2. Load the savegame, and reset the voice registry in the SexLab MCM.

 - 3. Save the game again to a new save file and close the game.

 - 4. Activate NusbieVoices.esp again and load the game.

 - 5. Reset the voice registry in the SexLab MCM.


                                   Clean Saving SexLab

This can fix a lot of problems, but you will lose all your SexLab data. Only use if everything else fails.

 - 1. Use SexLab Clean System first wait for it to finish save & close the game.

 - 2. Go into your mod manager and disable SexLab.esm and all mod dependencies.

 - 3. Load up your save game without SexLab & dependent mods and make a new save file.

 - 4. Go into your mod manager and enable SexLab.esm and all mod dependencies.

 - 5. Load that recent save file you just made and they should work.

SexLab Framework v1.5+

Report Error HereEndColor.png


What's New in Version 1.5   See changelog


===== 1.5 =====
 Compatibility with SL 1.5+.

===== 1.0 =====
  Initial release.



All credit to Nusbie! Your voices brought so much life to Oblivion!

Sunspotz for SexLab Vanilla Voices... since voicepacks are undocumented in the SL API (well it is... but it doesn't work anymore... I found this out the hard way), I had to use your code as guideline. Thanks!


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