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Echo Healer Custom AI : Complete Heal / Buff / Support / Control Follower [SE] 1.2.0

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About This Mod



Schaken-Mods EXCLUSIVE! (Upload NOWHERE ELSE!)

Echo is a complete heal / buff / support / control follower.


AI Overview:
- Does not initiate combat.
- Goes invisible and moves quietly when sneaking.
- Gives light to player in caves, ruins and on player's command.
- Converts ores automatically and on players command.
- Calms targets when player does not want to fight.
- Summons animals in combat.
- Fears targets around herself.
- Infuriates targets around her enemy.
- Debuffs and poisons her enemy.
- Buffs player and allies when combat begins and on player's command.
- Heals player and allies in combat.
- Removes all hostile effects from player after combat.
- Resurrects target under player's cross-hair on player's command.
- Allows player to breathe under water on player's command.
- Cooks food

Name: Echo
Location: Temple of Kynareth, Whiterun
Race: Nymph

Class : Mystic/Priest

Level : 4 - 150

Flags : Essential, Marriageable

FOMOD Install Options:
- New, high-definition "Charmers of the Reach" head mesh
Choice of CBBE SMP/ CBBE 3BA/ CBBE Body Physics/ BHUNP
- Custom outfit included: DX Spartan Bard, with choice of 4 tunics
 - 2K or 4K textures
- Choice of 4 hairstyles


1. Disable "Enable Custom AI" from Mod Configuration Menu then close the menu.
2. Dismiss her from your followers in-game. Travel to a different cell. Save your game and quit.
3. Uninstall and delete files




She will cast/dual cast the custom ai spells only if all the following conditions are met :
Spells are enabled in MCM.
She has the skill to cast it.
 She has enough magicka to cast it.

She will cast the spells in the following scenarios :
Magelight : In caves, ruins and on player's command via command menu.
Transmute : When she has iron/silver ores in her inventory and she is out of combat.
Waterbreathing: When player gives the command via command menu.
Muffle, Invisibility : When player sneaks.
 Lesser Oakflesh/Stoneflesh/Ironflesh/EbonyFlesh/Courage/Rally/CallToArms : When combat starts with player's weapons out and on player's command via command menu.
Calm, Pacify, Harmony : When combat starts with player's weapons sheathed OR when player sheaths weapons in mid combat.
 Fury, Frenzy, Mayhem : When surrounded by multiple enemies.
8 ) 
 Fear, Rout, Hysteria : When an enemy is near her.
HealingHands, HealOther, GrandHealing : When an ally OR player loses more than 25 hp.
Cure Disease : After combat ends, If player has harmful effects running.
Resurrect: On player's command when player crosshair is on the dead target such that its name is visible.
Lesser Poison, Poison, Greater Poison : In combat, on her enemy.

She can use various furniture on players command via vanilla follower command system :
- She can use cooking pot to cook food. She knows the following recipes : 
Beef Stew, Elsweyr Fondue, Horker Stew, Vegetable Soup, Venison Stew.

Notes & Troubleshooting
1) She can miss her spells if target keeps moving and / or out of range.
2) It takes time for her to cast spells out of combat so wait for few secs.
3) If something is not working right or you do not want to use some spells then you can always disable them from MCM.

4) If "HG_Echo" does not appear in your MCM immediately after recruiting Echo, do a Quicksave and reload from that.

5) Do not force her to your location through console mode. This often causes a delay with MCM appearing.


Bijin Skin  by rxkx22
BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente
CBBE by Caliente
Charmers of The Reach by m4mk203
DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
NPC Nif Merge by Turulo
RaceMenu by Expired
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam
KS Hair by Kalilies
KS Jewelry  by Stealthic Khaos
DX Spartan Bard by Deserter X


Scripts and Quest AI have been adapted from the mod 'Celestine' by techprince (used with permission)


Thanks: Searinoxii (help with papyrus), Seetruck (help with CBBE mesh), Syer (advice on MCM), Schaken (SE port and general support)




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