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By Schaken


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Sassy Teen Dolls LE 1.5.2

   (12 reviews)

10 Screenshots

About This File

Finally, Sassy Teen Dolls LE!
(Special Edition Click Here)

Have you ever felt that Skyrim lacks age variations? Well i have found a way to solve this. Every city, town, village will now have teenage boys and girls, mostly custom armors, custom body's, custom textures, Custom voices, Custom outfits to fit the new body's. While traveling you will find a total of 228 teens, a few will love to accompany you on quests, some are Friendly and (yes, you guessed it) Sassy! Obviously, my initial intention was to expand "Sassy Teen Girls" as we all watched that mod disappear. but after messing with everything, I had realized, nothing of the original mod was left, so this was greatly inspired by the long gone mod. 


German Translation by Rore

   - Followers all have Full immersive AI.
   - Many variations of sizes and looks, even has 3 new races seen in previous Elder Scrolls!
   - Designed to be compatible with as many other mods as possible.

Please, if you have any questions, comments, bugs, go to my Discord page where my team is there to help. 


After installing the mod, the following general load order needs to be followed:

(All your other crazy mods)
Sassy Teen Dolls.esp
Sassy Teen Dolls - (Lite).esp
Sassy Teen Dolls - (Females ONLY).esp
TeenDoll - (Any and\or all 
TeenDoll - (Any and\or all 
(Any other mods that alter the Follower Interface, Like AFT for example)

For getting load order set with other mods loaded, please use LOOT. It will provide you a solid starting point for everything that you can then tweak as needed.

There is Four steps to this FOMOD

Step 1.
 - This will basically install the framework, no options are given

Step 2.
 - This will install 1 of the 3 Sassy Teen Dolls, Options are as follows:
        - Sassy Teen Dolls (Lite)
        - Sassy Teen Dolls (Female Only)
        - Sassy Teen Dolls (Full)
- Special Option:
        - I want them protected(makes them not able to die by non-player interactions)

Step 3.
- Vampire Patches:
        - TeenDolls - Vanilla Vampire

        - TeenDolls - Better Vampires Patch (BV)
        - TeenDolls - Racecompatibility
        - TeenDolls - Racecompatibility iAS
- This will give you 5 Different Patches, Install all that apply:
        - TeenDolls - All Hairs And Eyes (Allows you to use KS hairs and ect)
        - TeenDolls - Racemenu Patch
        - TeenDolls - Default Outfits(vanilla outfits on teens)
        - TeenDolls - 
Beyond Skyrim Bruma
        - TeenDolls - Desaturated Outfits
        - TeenDolls - DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance *
        - TeenDolls - The eye of Beauty
        - TeenDolls - Vampire Lord
        - TeenDolls 
- Heterochromia Eyes

Step 4.
        - TeenDolls - Ahsoka Tano
        - TeenDolls - Hidar(Hiemskr Replacer)
        - TeenDolls - Housecarls(All Female)
        - TeenDolls - Janessa
        - TeenDolls - Kitsuna
        - TeenDolls - Laeeagh
        - TeenDolls - Lolidia
        - TeenDolls - Mhavragch Sisters
        - TeenDolls - Morrigan
        - TeenDolls - The Replacments
        - TeenDolls - Serana
        - TeenDolls - Shizuka
        - TeenDolls - Valerica
        - TeenDolls - Wednesday Addams
        - TeenDolls - Ysolda

* I am Aware "Dynamic Vampiric Appearance" is only for LE, i ported it and made it for SE, and the one here is Made specially for the teens. Your welcome.

There is a Lewd addon inside my club here on the site. There is also some body replacers and physics addons. Feel Free to join the club and get them. CLICK HERE!
The Elder Scrolls V  Skyrim Special Edition Screenshot 2018.12.15 -

Special Thanks

     I wanted to make sure I gave credit where its due, I feel that without the help of Ezra, none of my mods would be possible. Even though I made, sculpted and put everything together, he went through every single NPC and made sure every one of them were unique in every way. he picked out which one wore what armor, what they had in their inventory. Again Ezra, this mod feels like its just as much you as me.

What's New in Version 1.5.2   See changelog


===== 1.5.2 =====
- We bilieve we have fixed all crashing issues for Sassy Teen Dolls LE!
- Translations and any teen replacer or additions will need to be updated!
- Changed the Teen Head to a high poly, this has pluses and minuses. The pluses are that the teen has a higher poly head and looks much better, and it also fixed the neck seam. One minus is that that all teen npc addons need to be updated, we are working on updating all of them. And another is that ECE sliders do not work for teens anymore(vanilla sliders still work).There is support for Racemenu sliders, ECE sliders will probably never receive support to work for teens.
- Fixed inconsistencies between races and their vampire form
- There is a Racemenu patch for the high poly head. All sliders are available if you're a Teen and you selected the racemenu patch in the installer
- Fixed crashes when playing as a teen dremora race and its vampire counterpart
- Updated Racecompatabilty patches to include those fixes
- Cleaned the esm and all esps
- Fixed height weirdness
- Added ENB Brow Fix(not sure if its used in LE)
- Edited eyes meshes to be more natural
- Fixed neck gap
- Fixed eye clipping on females
- Fixed dremora face mask (horns)
- Fixed Teen Assassin outfit, multiple parts were not working
- Replaced all BSA so that they separate textures and other stuff for compression
- Fixed some classes in the sassy teen dolls full esp
- Added protected Teens option so that only the player can choose to kill them
- Fixed Hider plugin so that she uses the USLEP package
- Fixed Wednesday Addams hair location, can now be used on player
- Fixed all heterochromia eyes so that they work with sliders
- Multiple internal changes to the fomod
- Renamed a few follower and replacer plugins so that they are more in line with everything else
- Probably other stuff I'm not remembering
Mods that will need to be updated to work with the new Teen Dolls, we are in the process of updating all of them now:


TeenDolls Hostiles

Helens Outfitters

Belle Delphine LE

TeenDolls LE - Emma

TeenDoll LE- Triela

===== 1.4 =====
- Added Racecompatability Vampire System(Requires RaceCompatability), it is suggested to use this on as it is compatible with most vampire and race mods
- Moved regular vampire system to a separate plugin
- Fixed Better Vampires patch
- Moved the heterochromia eyes over to a separate plugin and added over 150 more
- Installer now auto selects your vampire patch based on your mods
- Added TeenDolls - Vampire Lord to the installer
- Added TeenDolls - Beyond Bruma, adds 9 teens to Bruma
- Rebuilt outfits, fixed physics bugs, maybe introduced some outfit clipping
- Allow you to select none when you choose a Sassy Teen Dolls plugin
- Tweaks to the installer, should error less often.
- Tweaks to the outfits
- Hopefully fix some crashing issues

===== 1.3 =====
(used version numbers to reference the SE version)
- Now gives options for all add-on followers.
- Now has options for multi-colored eyes using Racemenu or ECE.
- Child Flag removed.
- Master file is cleaned.

===== 1.6.4 =====
- Fixed FOMOD
- Fixed Sassy Teen Dolls.esp and the other 2
- LE hates me, hates my BSA's, hates my texture files!
- Removed BSA's
- Replaced my texture files
- Sorry LE, no one cares about your feelings..

===== 1.6.5 =====
- I messed with the esp some, i thing i got more fixed
- Fixed a few meshes

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User Feedback

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   5 of 10 members found this review helpful 5 / 10 members

The mod still causes crashes when attempting to start a new game with Live Another Life/Alternate Start, even with the included patch installed. 5 for 5 crashes on attempting to start new games with this mod enabled, and then 5 for 5 successes when starting a new game with this mod disabled. The workarounds suggested would be annoying with a free mod and become downright unacceptable with a paid mod. Lesson learned.

I'll at least give 2 stars since the content does seem to be of good quality if you feel like enduring the nonsense to get to it.

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   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

I love this mod. Which of course hit controversy on NEXUS. Whatever.  Always somebody making something out of things.

BUT. There is an issue with dismissing the TEENS. 

EFF, Vanilla, AFT even.. They never actually dismiss.

I found two ways around it tho, one hard, one easy.

EASY: If you use MANIPULATOR set a harem, dismiss the TEEN, send to harem.  You can have them follow you again from there.

HARD: Disable the TEEN ( record the ID info )  Enable and bring back when ever.


HARD way does remove them, but when they are enabled back they appear and immediately follow you around again as non listed followers.

EASY way works with no issue after using it a few times on them.


To me, this mod is totally worth the issue with the dismiss. 


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   1 of 3 members found this review helpful 1 / 3 members

I think this mod is great and works well but with it installed can not start game i will figure it out lol thanks again for the mod

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   1 of 4 members found this review helpful 1 / 4 members

I can't seem to get either this, or Dolls, to work. They seem to work fine during character creation and such, but as soon as the racemenu is left and the game actually starts to load, it crashes. Papyrus logs don't seem helpful, there's nothing in them noting these mods, however I know it's caused by them as if they are disabled everything works fine. Tried removing the clothes folder, as I noticed rogaholic said that worked, didn't help. Tried running just one of the mods, and even when just running them by themselves they still cause a crash. 

Response from the author:

We recently found that for some reason on LE version, the mod "live another life" (or alternate start) crashes with these mods. I am still trying to figure out why.. but if you start your game as a Nord, save and exit, then disable alt start and go back in, then everything works perfect. The outfit issue I believe is solved in the latest update.

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   1 of 5 members found this review helpful 1 / 5 members

Crashes to desktop no matter what. Tried with and without alternate start and am using MO with LOOT.

Followed directions, got CTD every time.

Tried the solution where you start with alternate life, then save and disable alternate life mod. Crashes shortly after loading.

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   0 of 2 members found this review helpful 0 / 2 members

I like the age diversity and honestly i hated skyrim children because they were so poorly designed. I like the idea of this mod but unfortunately it wont install properly on nmm for me. It mentioned something about missing references so the mod doesnt work. Does anyone know how to fix this? Also is it oissible for you to make the lite, femal, and full version all seperate files? Thi way my hardrive wont be cluttered. Thank you.

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   0 of 2 members found this review helpful 0 / 2 members

I start game with LiveAnotherLIfe as a teen and have no problems with crushes, quests, scenes and animations (cant say this about plugins and addons). I had prime, natural and lewd versions, only girls addon and all followers and no replacements . They are lowefull and beautifull, real fresh appearence of Skyrim. I had in game only outfits with bodyslide support, so i morphed them to flat unp half pet body and now they fit teens ideally (dont know about vanilla armors, dont have it). Later in midgame instal i had some problems, now all is ok. My crash sources in new game was Physics plugins (sometimes) and Furniture-activator plugin for playing as teen (always on game start).

Now i have only 2 bugs: 1. there is no redguard teen race in racemenu to choose. 2. i cannot dismiss teen follower. removing or changing faction dont help. setting playerfollowercount to 0 dont dismiss it, but allow to hire another and so on. i use EEF and had no problems with any follower mods. in SE there are no such bugs with teens.

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   0 of 4 members found this review helpful 0 / 4 members

The mod finally works as it should be, i haven't run into troubles lately but i can say it playable for sure.


It has some minor issues but that will be dealt from time.
Love it

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   0 of 3 members found this review helpful 0 / 3 members

Like this a lot. Had some crashing problems. Linked it to some of the clothing. Removed clothes, no crashes.

Response from the author:

Hey, that is good news. If you can find out which ones i will fix it and upload a new version!

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I've been playing with this mod for a couple days now, using version 1.5.2. I use both Alternate Start and Amazing Follower Tweaks, and a great variety of other miscellaneous mods. As is my procedure when adding large mods, I started a new game to try out the mod.


I have encountered none of the problems detailed below - Sassy Teen Dolls has not caused any instabilities or crashes in my game. I am able to recruit and dismiss teen followers without any problems.


This is a well-made mod, and it's been fun to play with. The only minor issue I'd note is that appearance-wise, a number of the female teens have lower faces which seem too small for their upper faces, giving them a sunken-chinned look. I'm not sure if this is a stylistic choice or not. However, this mod has plenty of teens that do not have that issue, so again it is only a minor hassle. It is pretty amusing to have teen followers, as they alternately complain, demand, and proclaim their love while traveling Skyrim.


It would be nice to have the "Replacer" teens broken out individually - I don't want to replace the whole bunch since that would overwrite some other replacers I'm using, but I'd like to be able to pick and choose to test out which replacers I like most.


In summary, this mod has been painless to use, a lot of fun, and I appreciate all the hard work that went into making it!

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