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Cute Lingerie SE CBBE Physics W/ Morphs 1.0.1

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5 Screenshots

About This File

Original Author:  NailFan



Port of Cute Lingerie for Oblivion to SSE CBBE with Racemenu Morphs included. This is my first port from oblivion

and needless to say it was difficult XD. I used this outfit a long time ago when i was adding mods

to my oblivion game and it was also listed in the Schaken-Mods Request Center. I may come back and 

re-touch this maybe add a UUNP option or make it craftable. Meanwhile this its here for your enjoyment.


Be sure to leave some comments!! Thanks!!






Pretty much everything about this mod is new except the orginal design of the outfit which

according to Nailfan credits go to bethesda for use of some vanilla texures from oblivion. 


So really, what is new about this port?

*All 4 Original colors have been re-colored and adjusted

*2 Brand new colors have been added (Hot Pink, Pink and Black-my personal fav)

*Brand new normal and specular maps have been added to all textures 

*All brand new .dds and .nif files have been created

*Outfit is now compatible with CBBE Body and Physics Body

*Cute Lingerie also comes packed with Morphs for Racemenu slider functionality

*World objects have been edited to show the top and bottom in all colors

in your menu and on the ground - just in case you decide to drop the top on a nice cool evening XD  😛







This is my first Oblivion port so shout out to everyone at Shaken-Mods for all of there patience and for sharing their knowledge with me.

Special Thanks




Check out some of their great work!!

Awesome Screenshots and Body Preset provided by:


Hexed has a large selection of gorgeous body presets to check out.

Just click his link to see more!!


Original Author:  Nailfan








The only requirements are: CBBE Body and Bodyslide if you would like to make your own adjustments





*Install using a mod manager and let the fomod do the work 

*If updating to 1.0.1 uninstall the beta 1.0, (i also recommend removing any bodyslide files that you may have as overwrites), install version 1.0.1, run bodyslide if you'd like, start your game and enjoy all should be as it was when you saved and quit.

*If installing manually, extract zip to empty folder, place the meshes, textures and esp into your skyrim data folder, drop  the Caliente bodyslide folder where ever you have those files located.



*If you used a mod manager to install, use it uninstall 🙂

*if you installed manually, locate the meshes and textures folders- /clothes/CuteLingerie -  Delete the Cute Lingerie esp and finish with removing any bodyslide data where ever you have it stored.






What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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