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Kay eS Airdo v1.2 SE

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About This File


Kay eS Hairdo’s v1.2 SE


Conversion by Bad Wolf


I found a gem from the past on the interweb when I was doing random searches for Skyrim stuff. This is an old version from 2014. Yes, I spelled it wrong for a reason. I don’t know if they even have this old version on their official sight. I didn’t check. I just grabbed it and ran away.

This mod would be a great resource for current mod authors that do not have that many hair choices at their fingertips. Now before I begin, I must, as always tell you some disclaimers.

It should work on a saved game. But you should place it in your load order either with other hair mods you have, for continuity if you load your mods by grouped categories (OCD way like myself), or where you had the other version of this mod in your load order. I recommend that you remove the original version that you may already have. Replace it with this one. It is not recommended to un-install during a current run-through. It can and will break your game.

Before you update, be sure to:

1.       Edit your hair, or any other NPCs that use the current version of the mod, to a vanilla hair style.

2.       Save your game.

3.       Note the position of the ESP from current official version  that you may have.

4.       Un-install the current version.

5.       Install this version. Putting the ESP in the same exact spot in your load order where the current official version was.

6.       Start the game from the save you created.

7.       Change all the hair styles that you made vanilla

8.       Enjoy the new retro, 2014 looks.

Always remember, this is for fun and I do not take responsibility if this:

1. Breaks your save game

2. Fries your Computer

3 Breaks up your relationships

4. Makes your dog run away

5. Makes your cat ignore you

6. Wait a minute...... Cats ignore humans anyway. But I'm not responsible if they ignore you in an extra special way!

7. Family members shun you

8. Friends won't return your calls or messages.


Now to the description.


Like I had said, this version of Kay eS Hairdo’s is from 2014. Which was v1.2 for LE. This has a massive 906 Different male and female hairstyles. Yes 906 different hairstyles. When I downloaded this from an offsite that is not the 2 major mods websites, it was a whopping 1.2GB download. And it was even packed as a BSA file for all of the hairstyles. When I unpacked it to convert, that’s when I noticed how many different ones there were. That’s just insane to me. But great for you. I don’t know how to re-pack it as a BSA file, yet so, it’s loose files. But not to worry about the size of the download. I did a super 7zip compression on this. The 7zip size when I first downloaded it was 935,245 KB, or 9.35GB. My compression after extracting the BSA, then converting the files to re-7zip made it now a nice, manageable 399,478 KB or 3.99GB.


Be Warned!!!

Unzipped, the mod still has a folder size of 1.2GB. So, it will take up room. Check to make sure you have enough space for this.


Just use the mod manager of your choice to install and uninstall this, or any mod that is not a "Manual Download Only" mod. If it is a download only mod, like on our site. Then upload it to your MM and let it extract the files and put them in their correct location. It's easier this way.

If you like this mod, endorse it, please. Also, check out my other mods here on Schaken-Mods.





This presentation provided but not created by:

BadWolf - Schaken-Mods Logo - Sm.jpg

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