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27 Screenshots

Race: Nord

Age: 21

Combat Class: 1H Warrior

Confidence: Foolhardy

Perks: Illusion Adept, Alteration Adept, Agile Defender, Lightfoot, Armsman80, Bladesman80, Bullseye, Block Runner, Deflect Arrows, and Deadly Aim.

Stats: Levels with player at 1.5 up to level 100

Marriage: Yes

Essential: Yes

Voice: Young Eager

Religious Affiliation: Worshiper of Dibella

Thana is a distant relative of Clan Shatter-Shield from Windhelm. Her father was a merchant who moved his family to Whiterun to take advantage of the multitude of trade routes which run through that Hold. He built the family's home on the Eastern Road which leads to Dawnstar. As his wife was accomplished Blacksmith, he built a full forge next to his home for her.
When her parents passed away, Thana continued in her father's business, making her living by selling her wares. She waits knowing that one day Dibella will send her the love of her life. 


Thana is a merchant. She will remain a merchant even while following you and buy and sell items from her merchant chest anywhere in the game. Her stock will refresh daily as there is a script on her merchant chest.

If you take her armor from her, it can be improved on the workbench (if you have the skills). If you give Thana different armor, she will lose her custom tattoo skin as other armors are pointed at the default female body textures. This WILL NOT be patched out as the process of covering all of the possible armors is not feasible.

With the custom body version, if you give her standard CBBE armor, she will lose her custom shape and take on the body that armor uses. You may also encounter clipping. Again this will not be patched out for the same reasons as above. Your mileage may vary regarding this.

Thana really REALLY likes her armor, and most likely will not use any armor you give to her unless it is better than hers. You can take her armor and give her new armor


Install with a mod manager


This mod is most likely not compatible at all with Bathing Beauties or Beefcake - Luxury Suite SE  as they occupy the same location in the world space. There WILL NOT be a patch made by myself for it as I do NOT use that mod.


Plugin has been cleaned with SSEdit Quickclean.


Notes from The Mighty Nine

This mod will also be available in Non Nude Custom, CBBE and UNP versions with full nude versions also. It depends entirely on you guys and if you like my work and want to see these versions available. If you do go to the Youtube Watch Page for the video and leave a comment! Since this is my first mod here on Schaken Mods I am unsure how things work so for now bear with me and post your feedback on the Youtube Video page. Thanks!

Thana Thumbnail.jpeg

Ousnius - CBBE and Bodyslide/Outfit Studio
reize0 - UNP body
Rektas69 - Demoniac Skin
Kalilies - KS Hair
JimTownIrish - True Eyes
Insanity Sorrow - Modder's Resources
Stroti - Modder's Resources
Hana - Bearskin Rugs
Oarisyts - Modder's Resources
Tiwa44 - Armor and clothes mesh
Jack Daniels - Whiskey


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