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Brigitte and The Magic Lute - Bard Follower / Quest / Custom Dialogue / Scenes / Music [SE] 3.0.1

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About This Mod


Schaken-Mods EXCLUSIVE! (Upload NOWHERE ELSE!)


Brigitte is a bard follower with custom dialogue, a custom bard request system and a short Quest.


This is an updated version (3.0.0) of my original 'Brigitte & The Magic Lute' mod from Nexus. This version now includes new facegen created with Charmers of the Reach assets, as well as a number of other new game features and dialogue.


- A short Quest to retrieve a custom enchanted item and to unlock Brigitte as a follower.
- Custom dialogue based on vanilla voice sets, cut and pasted to create new sentences.
- A custom bard request system, separate from the vanilla one and initiated by dialogue.
- 7 different and unique bard request tunes, featuring 
"Wolven Storm" from The Witcher 3 game (vocals and lute).

- A number of interactive dialogue scenes between Brigitte and various other NPCs in Solitude.

- Custom AI packages


If you are upgrading from an earlier version: Dismiss follower (remove any wanted items and stop any scripted outfit management), make a clean save in a separate cell, uninstall old version. Clean save. Install latest version.

Name: Brigitte
Location: The Winking Skeever, Solitude
Race: Breton (custom)

Class : Battle Bard

Level : 10 - 100

Flags : Essential, Marriageable

FOMOD Install Options:
- New, high-definition "Charmers of the Reach" head mesh
 - Choice of CBBE SMP/ CBBE 3BA/ CBBE Body Physics/ BHUNP

- Custom outfit included: Witcher 3 Priscilla bard clothing
 - 2K or 4K textures, optimized for SSE



Custom Bard Music

Brigitte has a custom bard request system, which is separate from the vanilla bard request. It can be initiated through the dialogue option 'Can you play something for me?' This can only be done whilst Brigitte is a current follower and not after you have dismissed her or before you have completed The Magic Lute questline.


Her current repertoire includes 7 options to choose from. They are mostly short, instrumental lute tunes by Francis Cutting and John Playford (English Renaissance Lute) of no more than a couple of minutes long each. There's also one flute tune, for good measure, as well as "Wolven Storm" (aka Priscilla's song) from The Witcher 3 game, which is both vocals and lute.


It is strongly advised that you command Brigitte to 'Wait' before requesting any music. This will prevent her running around after the player, if you are moving around the current cell, which causes the lute idle to stop, although the audio will continue. It's just not very immersive if that happens.



Interactive Dialogue Scenes

There are a number of interactive dialogue scenes with Brigitte and various other NPCs in Solitude. These are triggered by idle dialogue (within a certain distance from the other npcs) and vary in length from a brief exchange to a more detailed conversation. All the dialogue lines have been cut and pieced together from vanilla voice sets. These are intended to add more context to Brigitte's backstory.


Currently, she will interact with Corpulus, Belrand and Gulum-Ei (inside the Winking Skeever) and Ja-Ree and Noster outside. Obviously one or more of these NPCs may not be present, depending on which questlines you have chosen and whether they are still alive in your saved game.


There is also a scene where Brigitte will pray at the Shrine of Mara, whilst the player is in the Temple of The Divines in Solitude.



Brigitte can only be recruited AFTER the Magic Lute Quest has been completed. DO NOT try to force recruit her through a follower system mod before the Quest is complete.

This will likely break the questline. After you have retrieved the heirloom and returned to Brigitte, follow the custom dialogue prompts. She will take the heirloom from you automatically. When you see the 'Quest Complete' text, re-initiate dialogue and ask her to follow you.

 Notes & Troubleshooting / Known Issues
1) The lip movement falls slightly out of sync in a couple of places (only very briefly) during Wolven Storm.
2) On rare occasions, Brigitte will start playing the vanilla flute tune when asked to play a custom tune. Just interrupt her and request again.

3) The custom request tunes can only be requested when Brigitte is a current follower. If you dismiss her as a follower, she will revert to the vanilla bard songs request dialogue and return to being a bard at the Winking Skeever.

4) It is advisable to command Brigitte to 'Wait' before making tune requests. This is to prevent her running after you, if you move around the cell, with the music still playing but the lute idle stops.

5) If Brigitte is interrupted (with pc dialogue) during a custom bard tune, she may continue to perform the lute idle but without audio. Give her a 'nudge' to stop this idle playing.

Future Plans
More lute songs, more dialogue scenes and possibly further quests.


Watch Brigitte sing Wolven Storm!


BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente
CBBE by Caliente
Charmers of The Reach by m4mk203
DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
NPC Nif Merge by Turulo
RaceMenu by Expired
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam
KS Hair by Kalilies

Kalilies Brows by Kalilies
Apachii Divine Elegance by Apachii

Realistic Instruments by InwardScreams


Bard Lute Music by Francis Cutting, John Playford et al.

"Wolven Storm" taken from The Witcher 3 game.




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