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Hi Folk,

first i have to execuse myself for my bad English. This is my own first mod and its still WIP i have pretty big plans to go on with it ^^

What is this? Well basicly its a transformation mod triggered by different events (i will list them below) u will recieve a random Transformation to become a Fury, part for part.

Which Tf's are implemented? I will add a list for it too look below.

Just why? Because i love the idea being transformed and fucking hell, FURRY!!!



Buy the potions - activate via MCM
Loot the potions - activate via MCM


I will add soon:

Sexlab Defeat
Skooma Whore
Trap option like in Cursed Loot



Tf's implemented:


Lizard (Argonier)








Planned parts:


Body (includes wings)



Most meshes actually are clipping i need to optimize them to fit the body.

The part actually visible in Inventory for debug purpose.

Some Parts use HDT i put it to the masters but dont know how it will react if u dont have HDT
Its only script so i think its maybe LE Compatible but not sure and not tested so i left it to NO




Give the Bodyparts different Pro's and Contra's to make it more interesting, something like

Cat Feet:  Gives movmentspeed but reduce carryweight
Dog Feet: Gives Carryweight but reduce Magicka

Add Bodyslide support

Add many more Tf's


If u have idea or will support me with meshes and textures feel free to contact me, i would likely accept help with bodyslide, meshes and textures

I tokk some meshes fromm some ressources and other mod.


It will take the 3rd Slot for face and the 1st for body Overlays.

Slavetats will show it as "Managed by other Mod" or something like that and it will overwrite all exiting Tats in this slots.
I still working on it to search and reserve free slots on install.

What's New in Version 0.0.4   See changelog



Dont work with old save. Cuz of changes to the MCM.

work with old save. Only if u restart MCM manually


  • Added MCM options to enable / disable specific races and cure potions
  • Added MCM options to set %-chance for specific races and cure potions

i will add Credits to them if i remember where i took this stuff (sry to the original editor i will try to remember fast)


BIGGEST CREDITS TO SEJRA - only with his help i found the point where i shouls start with my scripts and he helpep me a lot with my scripts

Credits to Schaken he helped me with the translation and grammar of my bad english ^^

MUST ASK for permission to be hosted on other sites.
MUST ASK for permission to use assets from this mod
MUST ASK for permission to convert this to other games.
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Other Files from Geehral#8632

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