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By Schaken

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Last of Us Ellie Williams Follower for Skyrim - SSE 1.0.0

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Not sure how many will recognize Ellie from Last of Us, now that she is pretty much ready for Uni(college). Well, she didn't go to Uni, she went to Skyrim. At her 19th birthday party, Ellie heard you can shoot arrows at people and not land in the stocks for it.  Well, she was wrong.  You CAN land in a "dungeon" for shooting arrows at people. So be nice and dont get up to that shit.


Ellie's been staying with Ysolda in Whiterun; learning how to be a jack-leg saleswoman.  However, wherever you load yourself, if you don't see her right off, just play the game & give her some time.  With this Follower mod, you don't have to find Ellie.  She finds you.


You need Skyrim Special Edition. That should be it. Plug and play. She has a few outfits in her pack which, after asking her to "officially" follow you, will be interchangeable. I recommend using a Follower mod such as Extensible Follower Framework. It works the best I have seen for handling followers.


BUGS: Being new to SSE, I notice that Ellie doesn't look as good as she does in OldRimLE. If you don't think she does her photos justice, I recommend you do like I do, and stick with Ellie in LE.  Also, could have a bit of clipping on her default fit. I added a no-clip body for half her outfits so there wont be much. But there is some depending on what animations happen. May see her eyes shadow a bit in certain firelight. Oh, and in the event you are in Markarth, possibly, and don't wanna wait for Ellie to run to you from Whiterun, just ` and spawn her with Help Ellie 0 then player.placeatme whateverhercodeis 1 The only thing is, you may end up with twin Ellies doing this. Just ` highlight one and type disable. Back to 1. 






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