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Symona Follower by CT Team 1.1.0

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65 Screenshots

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About This Mod

CT Creative Team proudly Presence

Symona the Elfen Teen


WoodElf Race
Weight 0 / UNP
yes you can marry her
Essential & Unique

Coming  from the Wood


Skyrim LE and Skyrim SE

Fighting style:
Elfen Missle, Ranger


Unique Sexy Evening Outfit (Black & Lila)


Symona’s Bow

2250 Physical Damage, 2.5 speed up, Range 100 - 12000

Party, Photography, Makeup


Bad People


AgileDefender80, Armsman80, Bladesman90, CriticalShot90,

DeepWounds90, Light Foot, Hunters Discipline, LightFingers80,

MagicResistance70, Muffled Movement, Deadly Aim, Ranger, Paralyzing Strike, Power Shot, Stealth80, Silence, Trick Shot, Wind Walker



IMPORTANT: if you like that she feeds install the bloodthrist addon "Vampires can feed" from flexcreator


All Rights and Credits CT Team ©2019 into Schaken ©2020


Symona_the_Elfen_Teen_by_CT_Team.docx Bloodthirst 1_0-49038-1-0.rar


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