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  • All DLC's and Sexlab



  • MUST ASK for permission to use assets from this mod

About This Mod


This works on LE and SE and the female lines are voiced.


Just as it sounds, this is for the Male PC who wants to role play and be cucked by his wife.



Requires Sexlab and its requirements, install with your mod manager and go.


Get started:

Once installed , go into Skyrim in the Temple of Mara, you will find a book at the base of the Mara Statue, once reading the book it will start a small quest.





CadenBlack's Other Mods

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    Cuckoldress Works in LE and SE Description: For the female PC, Play as the cuckoldress. Make your spouse watch as you get fucked from other NPCs, or sell your spouses ass to make extra gold.   Installation I have a habit of not making mods "Start Game Enabled", reason being is that too many can cause a CTD when loading a save in the LE version. With that said there is a book in the Temple of Mara. (See Image Below)   Permissions: You have p

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