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Ichirou Shojo Race Custom v1.0 1.5

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About This Mod

A remake of the Shojo Race for NV.


  • Standalone
  • Base from the old Fallout 3 Version as it had way less un-needed extras
  • Works for Type3 and Type4 Bodies (Uses Type4 Head) 
  • added Neko Version 
  • You can Add Lings Coiffure Via Hair Patcher Two For more hairs and stuff
  • New High Quality Eyes
  • Use Height Menu to Set their height and Fix the Character Creation Camera bug of the original mod.
  • Added lots more hair
  • Fixed Male head parts
  • Added Base Follower option templates used in mods


Does work now with most old Shojo Race Mods.  See Patches Here and Here

If I missed any you would like to see patched let me know.  The only one I know of I did not Touch yet is the Headgear Mod due to it is heavily Script based.


I Personally use this with the Type4 body and the Type4 Aliceberry

I added the Asuka Wigs to a safe outside on the Cliff side wall of Doc's house


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