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Lakeshore Cabin 1.2

   (1 review)


25 Screenshots

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Compatible with:




  • Skyrim Special Edition, Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch



  • MUST ASK for permission to use assets from this mod

About This Mod

I originally built this house for myself, with an emphasis on convenience and efficiency, which explains why there are containers on each floor, extra enchanter and alchemy lab, the locations of the three stones, etc. Later on I decided to share it, since so many creators have shared their work with me. This log cabin home is unique. Hand made from vanilla assets, and literally built one log at a time from the ground up. The windows on the outside are set to be dark during the day, then light up with a nice warm glow at night. The interior windows work just the opposite, being bright (with fill lights to simulate daylight coming in) during the day, and going dark at night. Both the exterior and interior lights will light up to a nice warm glow in the evening, then go out again during the daylight hours. The images show the home as it looks with Noble Skyrim installed. If you are not using Noble Skyrim, it may look a bit different. I'm also using Realistic Lighting Overhaul. If you are using another lighting mod, or none at all, the lighting may be slightly different. All miscellaneous items in the house are static, and won't move.The player's bedroom also contains an extra alchemy lab and enchanter for convenience. The home has 32 plantable soils, 24 of which are on the east side alchemy garden, 4 on the front porch, 2 on the back deck, and 2 on the west deck.There is a spare bed in the loft for those that like to keep followers around.The armory consists of many weapon racks, weapon plaques, mannequins, dagger displays, and shield plaques.Shrines to Arkay, Julianos, and Kynareth are located by the front door, and near the basement exit. They will grant a +25 to health, magicka, or stamina respectively. Always helpful. And located for convenience. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Recommended but not required: Static Mesh Improvement Mod Noble Skyrim.


A note on the gem pit. Many people collect things in Skyrim, and I am no exception. I like to collect gems. The problem was that there was no place to adequately display them. So I built a room just for that. A place where I can drop the gems on the floor, and they won't go anywhere. Then I can admire my collection of gems at my leisure. So, this room was something I added for me. Use it. Don't use it. That's up to you. But that is the purpose of the gem pit.


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