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Ninedalore ENB 1.0.0

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4 Screenshots

Compatible with:






  • The assets can be used for other mods.

About This Mod

This ENB Preset is specifically designed for use with Dolomite Weathers and ELFX 

It is tweaked for the best performance possible I could achieve on my rig

I run 55 to 60 FPS even in the Pine Forest in combination with Project Optimization and eFPS




Latest ENB Binaries  

(install to Skyrim Game Folder manually)



Copy the contents of the folder [Skyrim SE Folder] and paste them into your Skyrim Game Folder once you have the Binaries installed


It should be noted in the enblocal.ini file that you will need to modify  the following settings to your system



To calculate the VideoMemorySizeMb the formula (in MB)

is 1GB = 1024 MB

GPU size (in MB) + Amount of RAM (in MB) - 2048 = ?

So if you have a 8GB GPU with 16 GB of RAM the formula would be

(GPU) 8192 + (RAM) 16,384 - 2048

VideoMemorySizeMb= 24,328


Also the Vsync is disabled. It is highly recommended that you set your GPU to handle Vsync  and also in the SkyrimPrefs.ini in the [Display] section that you set iVSyncPresentInterval to iVSyncPresentInterval=0


Ninedalorian 01.png


The Ninedalorian's Other Mods

    Pre Vis Fix

    In Overhauls/Texture Enhancers


    I've had this mod done for a long time and have tested it pretty thoroughly in my live streams. If you find any spots where this mod does not cover in the Commonwealth, take screen shots and a map screenshot and let me know so I can update   What this does:   This mod repairs the PreVis in Boston and many other areas which may be broken because of adding mods which add models into the world space. For instance when you see disappearing walls, ground, etc when you are in Bosto

    24.59 MB

    N7 Mass Effect Armor

    In Armor/Equipment


    This mod is a port of the Mass Effect N7 Armor. Made from the Fallout New Vegas mod by Isquall 4K textures and high-poly.   Requires the N7 Armor Magazine to craft at Chembench which can be found at the bottom of the Federal Surveillance Bunker KB 1 under the Abandoned Shack in the Glowing Sea (see screen shots) Comes in CBBE zeroed sliders (body slide included) Comes with both female and male version each with the helmet. Can be upgraded on Armor bench with lining and

    1 784 
    133.25 MB

    Serpent Sounds Main Menu Music Replacer- GRID

    In Other


    It's been a minute since I have posted a Fallout 4 mod Want to know what the music sounds like? Watch the following video! Don't forget to Subscribe to the Channel!     This only replaces the Main Menu music and the music when you open the Door to exit Vault 111        

    1.37 MB

    DragonFire Improved

    In Outfits


    Watch the video below and it will tell you everything you need to know about this mod Subscribe to the Channel too!       What has changed from the Original Version? 5 Colors! Male version CBBE and 3BA Bodyslides SMMB Bodyslide Frostfall/Survival Mode Compatible Light Armor One Piece Armor Added High Heels Requires Advanced Armor Smithing Perk and the book The Ballad of the Scandalous Skank Vol 4 to craft (see v

    88.51 MB

    Dark Outfit Improved CBBE/3BA Bodyslide

    In Outfits


    Just like all the mod pages I make, watch the following video as it tells you everything you need to know about this mod Subscribe to the Youtube Channel     What is different? The difference from the original mod is that this outfit now comes in CBBE, is Light Armor, and is Frostfall/Survival Mod compatible. I also remade the crafting recipes. The texture of the base armor needed to be reworked as did the mesh to cure clipping. The heels boots on t

    11  485 
    96.62 MB

    Desiree Outfit Improved

    In Outfits


    Just like many of my mod posts here on the Site, watch following video and it will tell you everything you need to know about how to get this Outfit. Also don't forget to subscribe to the Channel and help me build a great channel community!     Yes, this is, in fact, an Improvement of This Mod   What was changed?   The mod comes built in CBBE Slim Body by default. Bodyslide files are provided for both CBBE and 3BA body types In addition to 6

    13  480 
    262.37 MB

    Summer Outfit Improved CBBE/3BA with Bodyslide

    In Outfits


    Like all of my mod pages, watch video below to learn about this mod. It is on my new Youtube Channel so hit me up with a Subscribe!     About This Mod:   This mod is an improvement of the Summer Outfit a mod posted by Ashtoreth but owned by Schaken Mods Website. The Boss transferred the ownership of the mod to myself and allowed to me to post this improvement mod under the condition it remains a Guild Mod     Compatibility:  

    17  608 
    106.81 MB

    Cassandra Preset

    In Body, Face, Hair


    A preset for a Character I made for an upcoming Follower and the new High Poly Head Tutorial I am putting together for the New Youtube Channel   This Preset Requires the Following: (linked for your convenience, also see Racemenu image)    High Poly Head KS Hair True Eyes & Brows   The following is a video where I made this Preset and packed it up for release. Please consider subscribing to the new Youtube Channel!    

    332.43 kB

    Strapped Armor Improved CBBE/3BA with Bodyslide

    In Armor


    As with all my mods the following video will tell you everything you need to know about this mod. Please consider subscribing to the New Channel!     Light and Heavy versions 9 colors for both styles Frostfall/Survival Mode Compatible One Piece Armor Can be enchanted with any enchantment Craft at Forge Light Armor requires Steel Smithing Perk Heavy Armor requires Ebony Smithing Perk. Bodyslide Files Included ESL Flagged (

    71  945 
    106.56 MB

    The Rana Sur Collection Armor & Weapons CBBE/3BA Bodyslide

    In Armor


    Ok guys with the release of my Rana Sur Stand Alone Follower, I decided to release a version of her equipment for the Player. Like all my mods, the following video will tell you everything you need to know about this mod       Mod comes with 2 Armora (Light and Heavy) 1 Shield 2 Circlets (light and heavy) 1 Bow 1 Sword Requires Ebony Smithing Perk Craft at any Forge Can be Improved Frostfall/Survival Mod compatible B

    34  879 
    50.15 MB

    Lil Orphan April Armor for You CBBE/3BA Bodyslide

    In Armor


    ok guys like all my mods the following video tells you everything you need to know about this armor Craft at the Forge in the Steel Smithing section Light Armor Frostfall/Survival mode compatible    

    46  910 
    50.87 MB

    Lil Orphan April Barely legal Teen Follower Standalone

    In Followers


    Ok guys like all my mods, the following video tells you pretty much everything you need to know about April     Ok well for those who might only have the attention span of Khajiit kitten on skooma let's go over this Follower April is 18 yrs old for all you Haters out there trying to Gaslight my shit. Don't start shit and there won't be shit. You can find her in Riften in the Bee and Barb Read her Diary by her Bedroll in the Basement April doesn't come

    88  1168 
    166.55 MB

    Marada Preset

    In NPC


    Question: Why is this a Paid Mod?!? Answer: Because it is   Rationale: Game Devs make roughly $65+ an hour and essentially mod authors are doing the same thing (but we are **EXPECTED** to do it for free?!?) Yeah so to that end I am going to be selling my Racemenu Presets.. fuck it.   I personally feel all the time and effort I put into my work is worth a little something.   This preset requires the following mods to work properly: Apachii Sky Hair

    1 424 
    2.28 MB

    Rana Sur -CBBE/3BA

    In Followers


    Watch the video below and you will learn everything you need to know about Rana Sur     Ok for those you that have the attention span of a Skooma Addict Khajiit Kitten:   Rana Sur Race: Nord (technically) Age: Maybe thousands of years old? Uses CBBE body (zeroed sliders) Stand Alone Body/eye textures Bodyslide files for CBBE and 3BA Location: Sunderstone Gorge Voice: Female Sultry Combat Style: 1H Boss Custom Armor &

    29  701 
    101.58 MB

    Marada Kajira Breton Mage Follower CBBE/3BA

    In Followers


    Ok guys this is the first follower i posted in a good long while Watch the video below and it will give you the low down skimpy on what Marada is all about     Marada is roughly 22 yrs old. She is extremely petite standing about 5ft even (maybe) She is a skilled Destruction Mage that uses Fire and Shock Magic exclusively. Found in the Old Hroldan Inn in the Markarth Hold. Marada will use ANY skin texture replacer you have Comes with Bodyslid

    38  790 
    88.21 MB

    Valhalla FOREVER CBBE / 3BA

    In Armor


    This is it. This is my final version of this mod. Watch the video below as it tells you everything you need to know about the mod.       I completely rebuilt armor & weapons in Blender Mod is Frostfall compatible Comes with Bodyslide files for both male and female. CBBE, 3BA and SMMB Craftable early stage armor at Forge   I won't be making any more versions of this armor after this.        

    25  1077 
    58.37 MB

    The Tears of the Dragon

    In Weapons


    This mod was created under a commission through the Requests Page As with all of my mods, the following Youtube video will tell you everything you need to know about the mod.     You might recognize the Dagger as the Dagger of Thulsa Doom from the Conan movies. While there are other version of this dagger to be found around the Internet (pn that other site), those are NOT this one.  Meshes and materials are made by me (with Blender Files to prove it), cust

    4.19 MB

    Black Orchid Armor & Weapon CBBE / 3BA

    In Outfits


    This is my first "Official" Commission through Schaken Mods since becoming a Staff Member. If you would like to request a mod go to the Schaken Mods Request Page As with all my mods watch the video below and it will tell you what you need to know about this mod.       Armor comes in CBBE zeroed sliders by default CBBE & 3BA Bodyslides included Frostfall & Survival Mod compatible Leather Light Armor comparable to Elven Armor

    10  661 
    130.05 MB

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    The Ninedalorian

    Armor of the Hound CBBE/3BA Bodyslide

    In Armor


    I made this mod on commission for one of my Youtube Channel members and he was kind enough to allow me to release it publicly for you guys As with most of my mods the video below tells you all you need to know about this armor     Light Armor Frostfall and Survival Mode Compatible CBBE and 3BA Bodyslides ESPFE   If you want to commission a mod - use the Request Page  

    47  1295 
    40.57 MB

    Padded Leather Armor CBBE/3BA Bodyslide

    In Armor


    As with most of my mods, the video below tells you all about the Armor       Ok guys.. This is my very first outfit I have made in Blender. It comes in both male and female versions. ESPFE Frostfall Compatible Survival Mode Compatible Compatible with Skyrim 1.5.07 and up Bodyslides for Male Comes in CBBE zeroed sliders CBBE and 3BA Bodyslides provided   That's about it. I will be making more outfits in Blender as I

    71  1569 
    49.77 MB

    Blender Resources - CBBE & Male Body

    In Modders Resources


    Take the time to watch the video below please If you have any questions or comments just leave them on the video   So yeah i looked everywhere and I'll be damned if I could find good Blender Files for the CBBE Body and the Male Skyrim Body for use in making clothes/armor outfits in Blender. So I made my own and decided to share them with y'all. Each model is in the A pose (Standard Skyrim) Armature is included included with the model as well.  Like I said in

    60  1105 
    2.27 MB

    Daedric Armor Replacer

    In Armor


    I made a Daedric Armor Replacer As usual watch the video below and it will tell you all you need to know about this mod     ESPFE Frostfall/Survival mode compatibility Quality 4K textures Replaces both the Male and Female Armors  

    13  1171 
    69.66 MB

    The Legacy of Mandalore CBBE/3BA Bodyslide

    In Armor


    As with most of my mods just watch the video below and it will tell you all about the mod     This mod is compatible with Skyrim version 1.5.97 and up ESFE Bodyslide Files included Frostfall & Survival Mode compatible 2K and 4K textures   Designer Notes: The helmets are custom models I created in Blender. Yes that is Combat Armor ported from Fallout 4   Future Plans: This mod is going to be the basis of a Quest m

    17  944 
    368.08 MB

    Skyrim Immersive Pelts

    In Meshes and Texture Overhauls


    This mod replaces all of the floor and wall pelts with Bear Skin textures Watch the video below for an example   This mod is compatible with Skyrim 1.5.97 and above ESPFE Flagged  

    15.45 MB

    Daedra People

    In Magic Spells and Game play


    What is this mod?!? Well like most of my mods I have made a video for your viewing enjoyment which tells you about the mod It is fairly comprehensive so watch all of it!     Okay so how long do the Summoned Daedra stick around for? 999 days Can they be killed? Yes but it ain't easy Can they be banished? Yes but only with the custom Spell provided. Will they follow through Load Doors and Fast Traveling? Did you watch the video? Why can't I take

    17  679 
    60.29 MB

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