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No Alphabets 2.3.1

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  • Baldur Gate 3


About This Mod



"No Alphabets" mod pack makes sure that all citizens, especially children, of the Sword Coast are free from modern day irrationalities. The "Aesthetics" component changes appearance e.g. male to female body. The "Lingo" component alters English dialogues and names to match. The "Voice" component changes voice lines using AI. Other than Aylin (work in progress) all NPCs that I know of have either been turned into regular citizens or made to be less open about it as they would have been in the 1400s.

Current Exceptions: If being LGB adds to the game/ too embedded in lore / make sense in medieval times I will leave it in.

  • 1. Raphael's er preferences were genuinely funny.
  • 2. Fist Jara - sexual deviancy in brothel.
  • 3. Circus members - deviants in a circus.
  • 4. Alfira and Lakrissa - do not advertise their sexuality.
  • 5. Nine-fingers - embedded in DnD lore.


Major NPCs

  • Aylin is now a man. Ser Aylin's voice, portrait, sfx, flavour text and how 29 other NPCs and PCs refer to him has changed accordingly!

Quest Related NPCs

  • Nocturne (T) is now a man in appearance, portrait, flavour text AND voice. Shadowheart now speaks of Nocturne as a he 
  • Sebastian is now lady Sebastienne. Her portrait, body, voice, references by the narrator, you and Astarion should all match up.

Minor NPCs

  • Rivington boy (T) now has the right body (lifted from SniperChris' BetterAesthetics).
  • Hunkers Boolean (G) is now Hannah Binary in appearance and voice.
  • Zerillo(T) and Ch'kk'ch(T), have swapped appearances to match their biological sex.
  • Nefula(L) in Blushing Mermaid voices her love for "Xander".
  • Lunkbug(G) the deep gnome no longer calls Beldron his husband or refers to him as "my".
  • Chorizo the Sauceman (G) mentions a wife.
  • Ploughman Zakk (G) at Lower City entrance is now a woman.
  • Kali Hammerhand (potential L) (panicbuycouple) turned into male gnome with male voice. Neno Quilltop no longer has nose ring and pink hair.
  • Laridda (L) no longer calls Philomeen "my" Phil.
  • Tamia Holtz at the Foundry mentions a woman's niece and man's son instead of a wife (L) and a husband (G).
  • Clovia Throaks no longer mentions a lesbian lover. Blarson Throaks calls his wife's lover a "bastard" instead of minx.
  • Zethino (L) the dryad speaks of a platonic relationship.

Flavour Text - Books, Journals, Item Desc etc

  • Altered mentions of "his husband/her wife" (G/L)
  • Yrre Sparkstruck (they) is now a "he"
  • Lower city man (G) who overdoses, has a letter that now mentions a wife
  • Amandus (L) writes to his wife Flora in Blighted Village.
  • Quelenna (L) in act 1 carries a love letter from Alexander.
  • A letter from Balduran (G) has been edited.
  • A poem from dedicated to Lanpos (G) has been edited.

Compatibility with Baldur's Better Aesthetics mod.

  • Names of 10 Fist members and cashguards have been altered to match their body/ethnicity.

Character Creation

  • The Non-Binary option is no longer selectable
  • The trans icon beside body type has been removed.


Two Options:

  • 1. BG3 Mod Manager.
  • 2. Unzip and drop the .pak files in the folder: AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods

Note: Make sure there isn't any English.pak in that directory.

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    [Atelier-Ryza]-Klaudia Outfit Set 3BA (ESL)

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    Atelier_Ryza CBBE ESL

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    Atlier Ryzas outfit  in CBBE , Comes in 4 colors, red, and original color.  multi part outfit , find with add item mods. 

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    [Great Qin Queen Xiu Jiu] Fully Voiced Chinese Companion -Translated

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    Wendy -Translated- ESL

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    Another Tullius find, translated to English, fixed her body, and made SFM compatible.  Archer extraordinaire, will not affect stealth.  she can be found in  Jorrvaskr.

    23  692 
    69 MB

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    Celcia Korean Voiced follower 3BA

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    Found on arca, with a terrible body and a worse skin, but a beautiful voice, i remeshed her body, retextured, translated her text dialog to English and made her SFM compatible.  Celceia has 162 actor voiced lines in Korean, She is an archer and comes with an elf bow but is wearing vanilla clothing, she can be found in Dragonsreach dungeon, or summon her with SFM.

    100  1312 
    88.86 MB

    Tes4Mod for Skyrim Plus 3BBB by akatuki408

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    Author notes Please use this MOD freely. The statement of Credit is required.   Deadric Category forging. Adelina set Aily set Anchorite set Antique set Ashley set Battle China Dress CC set dark illusion set DJ set Furu Furu set Heilige Mutter set Maid set Omoi De set Seraphim set Simple Dress set Simple Knit set Taokaka set TTLL Sh

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    Celestial Academy SE Translated

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    A replacer for Dragons Keep i found on Arca that turns the keep into a all-girls College, IT HAS A STACK OF DEPENDENCIES which are included in the downloads section. All maps have been enhanced and extended. all dialogs and items have been translated from Korean. Sunjeong NINIRIM collection is a dependency according to LOOT but i have seen no difference in anything with or without NINIRIM in load order.     This mod will allow you to send up to 12 orphans off to boarding school, w

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    [Melodic] Sexy Sleepwear 3BA

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    6 piece sleep wear , 11 colors lewd options available .

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    [Melodic] Playful Bunny 3BA

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    its a bunny outfit ! ears ,collar, panty, stockings ,and corset, 3BA body 10 colors .   Ground meshes are wrong do not drop in world !!!

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    [Min] from my neighbor totoro SE Translated ESL

    In Followers


    Adds follower Min to Skyrim !  Found frolicking in the fields near Whiterun or with SFM , noncombatant will flee at first sign of trouble.   machine translated, ESL, SFM compatible by me.

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    1.77 MB

    Mekazawa Follower and Dwemer bike SE English version

    In Followers


    Legendary MOD, SFM compatible, converted to SE made form 44                                                                            including 1 follower, 1 armor, 1 spell book, 1 motorcycle A follower can be recruited in the Marcarth City slums The MOD also comes with a spell book, Summon Dwarf Motorcycle   Can summon a dwarf motorcycle that lasts 1 minute.                                                                                            

    11  471 
    396.13 kB

    No Same Sex Marriage in Skyrim ESL

    In Magic Spells and Game play


    NOT MY MOD!  Does what it says, eliminates the option so you do not have to remove your amulets when hunting waifu , or husbando !  to avoid that awkward interaction if thats not your bag baby!   your game your way is the Schaken-mods motto and this is but one of the many ways to make that happen!   also included in files , Interesting NPCs patch esl. 

    23  485 
    6.17 kB

    Anub SLAL 2.2024 LE v2

    In Animations


    Anubs SLAL 2024 male and female petite animations .  

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    746.4 MB

    Kitty Slippers CBBE/3BAv2 ESL

    In Outfits


    A private commission I figured it was time to share, these cozy Kitty slippers come 5 colors, ESL plugin, craftable, and are SFM compatible.                                                                                     

    1.37 MB

    Maho Kimono CBBE, 3BAv2, HDT-SMP, ESL

    In Outfits


    Kimono i had commissioned, comes with top, geta/stocking combo, and katana.   one color.

    14  719 
    137.31 MB

    Iron Man Centurion replacer and summons, translated, ESL

    In Magic Spells and Game play


    Replaces all dwemer centurions with a iron-man model, adds summonable spell, use console or add item to obtain.  Translated and texture optimization by me.  found in my archives original author is unknown.  

    20  619 
    1.53 MB

    Sexlab VR

    In Sexual Content


    This is Sexlab for VR! There is Sexlab P+ on Loverslab, but I haven't found anyone that had got it working satisfactorily. and then there was the mess of patches and old versions that were needed to get going with basic SL , so instead of waiting on other people to do it, I decided I would just do it myself.     So this is the whole deal, fully patched to VR and ready to go, supporting VRIK, 1st and 3rd person views.   INSTALL PAPYRUS UTILITIES VR , INSTALL THIS MOD THEN R

    136  14  2298 
    70.43 MB

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