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Project Clara 1.0.0

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About This Mod

Hey guys thanks for checking out my mod!

The video should tell you everything you need to know about Clara and her Quest

Read on further for more details and developments



Project Clara

Clara is a commission work I am creating for the same gentleman who commissioned the Sypha Endrata Follower.

He has been gracious enough to allow her to be released at this stage for those who just want the vanilla voiced version and for Xbox.

This page however will be updated when the fully custom voiced version is complete

I will leave the vanilla voice download up for those that want it


Clara will be voice acted by Sky, a wonderful voice actress from Australia

The custom voiced Clara will be expanded to include other Quests and a Quest to be able to marry her

As you might have guessed from the video Clara is a member of the Dark Brotherhood so a lot of that Questline will come into play as well.

If anyone wants to tip Sky for her work on this mod use the Ko-Fi and I will see that she gets it. She is doing this job for free but I would love to give her some kind of compensation for it.


Stay Tuned for more Updates to Project Clara!

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