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Shojo Race v9s Complete 1.0.0

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About This Mod

This is the Shojo Race v09s for Fallout New Vegas Complete has everything you need to use it made for archive purposes.


Comes ready for the Type4 Seamless body.


standard Fallout Mod install and usage.

Use this mod to fix your height and Character Creation. Height Menu - it also fixes the issue with them shrinking in the character creation window making it hard to see them.  i use 5 foot 3 on this mod.




Taken from Nexus Page:


"Shojo" means "Young Girl" in japanese.
This is a custom RACE mod, it adds 2 new race, "Shojo" and "She". "Shojo" with 18 facegen presets, in child scale, "She" with 12 facegen presets, in adult scale. Basically this mod is only for female characters, but for some testing reasons added 3 male version presets for "Shojo" race.
It can make you female player character looks more anime style.
And, there is a variant race named "Shojo Ghoul" from "Shojo", its original purpose is for changing some NPC such as Charon from FO3 into Shojo race, but I didn't do any more work on it. So just simply move it to FNV.
For now this mod only contains race data, no other function.
"Shojo" race face mash is from Angelica Mod.




Q: My character's face dissapear in my face gen window when I rotate it!
A: Open ur command console in game pres ~(if ur keyboard is diferent, is the key to left of the num 1, and top of tab) and use player.setscale 1 or 1.25 to make ur shojo BIG make ur changes, and change again ur scale to 1 or .9 what ever u feel right. [aruless]

Q: Ok why is my character a oversized child...
A: Save and reload the game. You'll get the correct height. [XSoldier]

Q: Now my character is normal. But with an adult body?
A: The mod uses the Adult Body with a child-sized head. This is not a bug, this is by design. [XSoldier]

Q: When I change my character's race, will it lose some perk?
A: Not sure. But IRC in Oblivion exist a way around this whole "stats nullification" issue... It work like this:
1) Open the console and type showracemenu and press Enter.
2) DON'T CLOSE THE CONSOLE... leave it open and make your changes.
3) When you're done, don't click the Done button. Instead, press Esc to bring up the menu and Save into a new (recommended) or existing slot. You won't be able to save via the console.
4) Quit game from the menu.
5) Start game and load.
It work in Oblivion and maybe work in Fallout. [JayAugustinVerner]


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