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Sonja Barely Eighteen Standalone Follower 1.0.0

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23 Screenshots

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  • Skyrim Special Edition and any updates. Not tested with Anniversary Edition.



  • None - No permissions allowed.

About This Mod

CBBE, UNPB, HDT body versions. Location: Dawnstar, Windpeak Inn. Young Eager or Teen voiced. Dress is not HDT





"Damn this war, who asked for it anyway. If they want a fight, they're going to get one!"


Dual wield, single sword and deadly archer


Sonja is afraid of the dark which causes her weakness, but that's something she can't help.

Giving her a shield might make her feel better but this is untested.

Feel free to experiment with her abilities.





NOTE: Because of possible mismatched neck seams, the dress hides all that so it is recommended that you do not change anything.
If you want, there are optional files that remove the dress so that you can give her what you want. She will be nude and no default outfit included. Please note that one of the main files is still required.


Weight: 20, Height .94
Age: Barely 18
Levels: 10 to infinite
Voice: Young eager or teen voiced (Teenage voice mod is included for teen)
Location: Windpeak Inn, Dawnstar
Lot's of goodies for perks and stuff.


*Be sure to take away the default bow*


Use whatever install program you have or manual install. Be sure to use LOOT for Teen voice and make sure the teenagefemalevoice.ESM file is high in the load order.

Sonja has loose files so changes can be made.

Recommended: You may want RDO - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (If you don't have it already, you should get it.)

High heels mod.

Facelight is recommended. Also, Height Matters.


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