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Superb Serana II 1.0.0

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About This Mod

Superb Serana II


Heavily inspired from the original old rim replacer mod and later converted to Superb Serana SSE; However I wanted a new ; more high poly Serana with a similar look but with a twist. Thus; here we are. 

Oh and all my mods are Free, will always be free as should all mods, as the modding gods intended. 

IMPORTANT: You will not have any issues with a New Game. However with ANY CURRENT SAVE; you WILL HAVE ISSUES.
But don't fret ; it can be solved by doing the following:

1) Go into the game and find Serana.
 2) Bring down the console default tilde ( ` ) key with Serana in front of you.
3) With console open, click once on Serana with your mouse.
4) Type in the console without quotes: "setnpcweight 100" and press enter. (This will make her ugly as F****)
5) With console still open; type without quotes "disable" hit enter; then immediately type "enable" and exit console. 
6) Profit. Save your game. Any save after this is good. any save before it you will have to do this.  

Tattoo Patch Available. Just Install over main SuperbSearna.zip

ESL Flagged ESP Also Available. Just Install Over Main File.

Body: 3BA
Preset: My Sinful Body
Mesh/Textures: COTR / Fair Skin COTR Adaptation
Weight 100


COtR - HQ Characters creation addon for RM
CN's Fantasy and Demonic Eyes SE with optional Charmers of the Reach (CotR) Patch
Community Overlay 3 (51- 70) Bodypaints Warpaints and Tattoos
My Sinful Body - CBBE 3BA Bodyslide Preset
KS Hairdo's 

Tools Used:
Nif Optimizer
Nif Merge
Cathedral Asset Optimizer 

Recommended Mods: 
RaceMenu High Heels (Height Fixes)
Better  Vampires
CBPC - Physics with Collisions for SSE and VR
Nether's Follower Framework
Vampire Hunter Chain Armor - CBBE 3BA - by Stormhand
Legendary Armors - DeserterX Collection SSE

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