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Women of Whiterun - NPC Overhaul [SE] 1.0.0

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About This Mod


Schaken-Mods EXCLUSIVE! (Upload NOWHERE  ELSE!)



An extensive NPC overhaul for all the female characters of Whiterun and the surrounding areas (24 NPCs in total).

This mod will replace all named, female NPCs and assign them new custom outfits.




- Original, scratch-made, high definition COR facegen replacers.

- Body type variation, both meshes and textures.

- CBBE Body Physics or CBBE 3BA 3BBB (optional in FOMOD installer).

- Textures are 2K / 4K (optional in FOMOD installer).

- All textures optimized for SSE using Cathedral AO.

- Standalone custom outfits (Apachii).

- All plugins have been converted to ESL.

- 5 optional NPCs [Jenassa, Lydia, Saadia, Uthgerd, Ysolda] (FOMOD optional).



What does this mod replace?
- All the named, adult, female NPCs in Whiterun (Not The Companions)
 - Includes all the surrounding farms

- A list of Whiterun NPCs and more info can be found here




What this mod does NOT replace
- Child NPCs

- Male NPCs - since I've added them separately here and here
- Whiterun guards and any other unnamed characters
 - Any NPCs added to Whiterun by other mods (e.g. Open Cities)

- The female Companions (Aela, Njada, Ria) - since I've added them with a separate mod here






Why 5 optional NPCs? Because these seem to be the more popular replacers and you may have a favourite in your current playthrough that you want to keep. Also I have already made separate replacers for a few of these characters anyway, which you may prefer.


I've removed 'opposite gender animations' - this change will only really work on a new playthrough, since it tends to get baked in to saved games.



Compatibility and Troubleshooting

This mod will NOT be compatible with any other replacer mod that replaces these specific characters.

There are workarounds for this.. You can remove the individual NPC entry(ies) from the other mod using SSEEdit and let my mod copy over the other files and load afterwards.


If you have another mod that makes edits to the records of these NPCs, other than visual edits, e.g. stats, AI behaviour, packages, .. then make sure my mod loads AFTERWARDS.


Naked / No Outfit: If you have any of these NPCs as current followers, you will need to stop any outfit manager feature and dismiss them. Then save your game in a neutral cell before installing this mod. Since I have assigned new outfits to each NPC, these outfits may not appear immediately if you have outfit manager running, appearing naked instead.


Neck Seam: If you have a saved game, where you have had another mod replacing any of NPCs - and this other mod has edited the weight - then you will likely get a neck seam. You can fix this by going into console mode and selecting the NPC and typing "setnpcweight [enter weight]". Then hit Return button. You may also need to do a "disable" / "enable" on the character too.



If there are any issues with this mod, let me know in the comments section and I will try to resolve them as soon as possible.


Charmers of The Reach by m4mk203
Body textures by Khisartin

Additional texture editing and layering by Hieroglyphics

BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente
CBBE by Caliente

 CBBE 3BA (3BBB)  by Acro748
RaceMenu by Expired
Apachii Divine Elegance by Apachii

Apachii Maid Outfits by Apachii

HolidayGift Hairdos  by Summerdew

KS Hair by Kalillies

Lunafreya Hairstyles (porting) by immyneedscake

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