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Modders Resources

Resources for Modders to use.

6 files

    Lovely Sound Resources One

    In Modders Resources


    These are music resources for modders to add to their quests, dungeons or simply their daily radio playlist.   There are about 120 xml files to add into game, among them the original TESIV Oblivion Soundtrack and many others. Also there are reference files in form of mp3 and in some cases midi files. These are not intended to be added into game but to be able to listen what the single xml files each are before they be added into game.   Files are separated into 8 gr

    25  2555 
    756.99 MB

    Skeever Cell Separation

    In Modders Resources


    Use this to place conditions in the right place and create more coverage in more relatable locations.

    17  1309 
    24.89 kB

    Safe For Work Skin Suit Textures

    In Modders Resources


    This modder's resource contains 4 Photoshop Files of the 4K CBBE Demoniac Skin which has been modified to be compliant which Bethesda Nets rules on nudity.   Using it is as simple as saving the file as a .DDS with the proper file name. [removing the (NonNude) at the end of the file name]   For example femalebody_d(NonNude).psd would become  femalebody_d.dds   This way we can make and upload standalone followers to Bethesda Net This will remain a work in pr

    25  1950 
    35.83 MB

    Fresh's Wrapped Towel Resource CBBE Physics

    In Modders Resources


    This is a DAZ port. Alternate version with added physics for both male and female bodies. This is a modders resource. Credit goes to the scholarship for teaching me. 

    86  3836 
    24.08 MB

    Fresh's Wrapped Towel Resource

    In Modders Resources


    This is a resource I ported from DAZ. One of my first. It uses vanilla game male body and CBBE vanilla female body. Thank you to all of you for the starting help. Much more to come.  

    60  2588 
    30.24 MB

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