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Tools For Game

10 files

    immersive Armor Swapper - Club Version

    In Tools


    My name is DarkDragoon197 I have taken over as Caretaker,  All credit goes to  Original Author Jobobby04     immersive Armor Swapper (iAS) Immersive Armor Swapper is a dynamic armor swapper, capable of switching armors per selected body types. To make iAS recognize a race, you need to have a separate home folder for the desired race you are wanting to swap armors on, plugin that has some armor races, and a ini file so that iAS knows the races you want to start swap

    5,082  50  47834 
    1.41 MB

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    PAINT.NET extensions #6 - NormalMapsPlus

    In Tools


    This is a PAINT.NET Plugin by Simon Brown, later improved by MJW and VOLvobmT24. All Credits go to them. I'm just resharing it.   As the name suggests already it's a tool for making normal maps. For Skyrim modding you should know these as dds pictures ending on "_n.dds". _______________________________________ INSTALL: The download zip contains .dll files. Close PAINT.NET. Locate your PAINT.NET installation path. There is a folder named "Eff

    49  2066 
    7.84 kB

    DavesMods - CraftyMenu with General Stores Storage

    In Tools


    A Crafty Menu with General Stores support: A lesser-power invoked crafting and storage menu with General Stores sorting and storage.   A Crafty Menu (Kapteyn) with General Stores (Harvey2112 and Draco1122) support, made with permission from those authors.   A Crafty Menu is a lesser power allowing you to smelt, forge, temper, sharpen, etc. your items on the fly. General Stores of course has auto-sorting storage into its own cell's containers, accessible anywhere a General Stores

    39  1555 
    2.87 kB

    PAINT.NET extensions #5 - Attila Pro Effects

    In Tools


    This is a pack of plugins from different authors for PAINT.NET working in program as effects and functions. READ THE INSTALL MANUAL BEFORE CLICK ARBITRALILY! ________________________________________________________________________________ ORIGINS: This one is a bit mysterious. The original composer of this plugin pack I'm not able to allocate. It last appeared in 2015 on a german website, wich is my source for this. It's a popular computer themed website and ne

    41  1856 
    1.4 MB

    PAINT.NET extensions #4 - dpy's Plugin Pack

    In Tools


    This is a pack of plugins for PAINT.NET for several effects and tools to apply in program. ____________________________ INSTALL: The download zip contains .dll files. Close PAINT.NET. Locate your PAINT.NET installation path. There is a folder named "Effects". Copy all .dll files inso that folder. _____________________________________ FEATURES in detail:   Menu > Adjustment Black and Alpha+ http://art11.photozou.jp/pub/945/269945

    45  2999 
    104.61 kB

    PAINT.NET extensions #3 - Pyrochild Plugins

    In Tools


    This is a plugin pack for PAINT.NET adding several effects and tools to apply in program. _______________________________________________________________ One of the best features is the possiblity to script a row of processes and save them for later purpose. If you use the program a lot this will literally save your life. __________________________________________________________________ INSTALL: There are two insallers. USE THE 4.2+ VERSION if your

    44  2438 
    1011.58 kB

    PAINT.NET extensions #2 - PSD Plugin

    In Tools


    This plugin is to open Photoshop filetype(s) with PAINT.NET. Some of you maybe worked with that program before or want to edit files of that type they got from elsewhere. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The plugin can load and save the following features of Photoshop .PSD files with no loss of fidelity: RGB images Color depth of 8 bits per channel Raster images with no use of vector

    38  1940 
    35.66 kB

    PAINT.NET extensions #1 - Plugin Browser

    In Tools


    This is a PAINT.NET extention, it requires PAINT.NET and is an in program explorer showing and examining other plugins of PAINT.NET. _________________________________________________________ You better get this one first before installing other plugins, because some won't work or be not so good and also there are many each different, so have this one prior to keep overview. _____________________________________________________________________________

    58  1607 
    335.42 kB

    PAINT.NET free + dds filetype extention

    In Tools


    PAINT.NET is a popular graphics program. It has been free for years, now microsoft store decided to make it paid. So this download is getting a free version before they wipe it out of the net. ________________________________________________________________________________ There is also an extention for making it able to open, edit and save as DDS filetype. This is the image format most Bethesda games use. ____________________________________________________________

    90  2265 
    12.63 MB

    iAS Club V1 Files and Addons

    In Tools


    THIS IS AN OLD VERSION OF THE MOD FOR UNSUPPORTED SKYRIM VERSIONS PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST CLUB VERSION This is where all files supporting iAS V1 are stored, since I had to drop support for a few versions of Skyrim for iAS V2, I decided to keep a place where all my older addons are kept. Addons include: iAS V1 Mannequins Club Version(Supports only Dolls 2.4.2 and TeenDolls 1.5.2)

    104  6986 
    1.86 MB

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