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For Overhauling Mods

2 files

    Mighty Tweaks and Fixes

    In Overhauls


    Watch the video that is what I made it for. Most if not all of your questions will be answered merely by watching the video in its entirety  What this mod does: - Changes Cell Respawn to 48 in game hours to provide LESS boredom - Fixes NPC running and walking speed to match player - Fixes Display cases so you can activate them to place a weapon - Fixes the Horse Camera so that you can zoom in and out while riding. Does NOT give you 1st person    - Horse Camera- Changes Horse st

    41  1977 
    7.41 kB

    Mighty Rorikstead

    In Overhauls


    This mod has been successfully reverse engineered from SE. If any problems are encountered please let me know Watch the video, that is what I made it for. All of your questions may be answered simply watching the video in its entirety. Also please make sure to read the mod page thoroughly as well If you enjoy my work, please consider Becoming a Youtube Channel Member What this mod does: Improves the Hamlet of Rorikstead to include a Blacksmith, Alchemist, and a General merchan

    11  1743 
    40.08 MB

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