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Magic Spells and Enchantments

For Magic Spells and Game play changers for magic based characters

2 files

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    Fire Sprites - Custom Conjuration Spell [SE]

    In Magic Spells and Enchantments


    Schaken-Mods EXCLUSIVE! (Upload NOWHERE  ELSE!)   Fire Sprites are a mythical, ethereal race of beings from the Daedric Realms, rarely seen in Skyrim. The ability and knowledge to conjure them from the realms they normally inhabit had been lost eons ago... until now!   An old, dusty spell tome has turned up at Belethor's General Goods store. He won it in a card game and has no idea what to do with it, but will gladly sell it to you for the right price.    

    219  3644 
    151.47 MB

    Ichirou's Custom Amulet and Ring Enchantments

    In Magic Spells and Enchantments


    Ichirou's Custom Amulet and Ring Enchantments This will be a bunch of small ring and amulets made with custom or requested enchantments Each one will be a separate mod but all will be ESPFE as to not take up space in load orders The list will grow over time! List: Amulet of Vampire Bats - Requested Ring of Ethereal - Requested    

    162  2597 
    1.48 kB

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