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New Lands, Worlds, Locations

New Lands, Worlds, Locations, ect

5 files

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    [JF] Real Time Settler (RTS) For Skyrim SE

    In New Lands, Worlds, Locations


    Credits to Arcoolka for all his ideas and concepts he pioneered in RTS for FO3 and New Vegas. RTS for New Vegas You can dynamically place houses, stores and objects, recruit villagers and merchants. Random bandit raids or animal attacks. Everything you place is paid for with gold or firewood. The default is to pay with firewood and if you don't have enough to pay with gold. When the mod starts, you will be given 3 food objects. A RTS Controller and two RTS Scroll objects. For your

    3 101  2173 
    9.44 MB

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    Dwemer Worldgate

    In New Lands, Worlds, Locations


    Note: This mod is still a work in progress, while there is a lot of content you can play and enjoy there is also incomplete content and the risk of encountering bugs.   Deep under Skyrim many secrets of the Dwemer remains, amazing artifacts and ruins. In one of these ruins lies one of their greatest secrets, forgotten by men and mer across Tamriel. Glowing still in shimmering blue, a complex construction and amalgamation of magic and technology, the Dwemer Worldgate.   Dwemer

    232  3816 
    6.08 GB

    [RipX] Luscious Island - 24 Maidens and The Island of Bellaria COMBO

    In New Lands, Worlds, Locations


    Since I launched The Island Of Bellaria and 24 Maidens, people have been asking about 1 single mod that had both in it combined. Well, Here you are!!! And yes the workbench in the manor is FIXED!!!     This is a Huge custom Player Island. It Has goods, services, and adventure.... and NOW, 24 followers!!  Explore or read the spoilers:   - A Map Marker so you can find it easily (near Solitude) - Six Vendors: - Blacksmith shop with 2 Smiths\Vend

    232  3398 
    514.34 MB

    • Like 10
    • Approve 3
    • Love 13
    • WOW 4
    • Floof 2

    Rune Haven (Updated)

    In New Lands, Worlds, Locations


    Installation: 1.   Install main file 2.  Check for and Install and overwrite ESP with latest updated ESP. 3   Check for optional files (Currently a music replacement for anyone with issues with new music volume).   Known Issue:   Some users are experiencing a CTD after loading saves in an interior cell and subsequently opening the map sub-screen. To avoid a CTD,  after loading in game DO NOT open the map menu until you have moved to an exterior cell and returned to

    2,022  34  16985 
    1.36 GB

    Maelstrom core files SE + 4k body textures(2 seperate archives are within the file,take them out and put in mod loader of choise seperately)

    In New Lands, Worlds, Locations


    This Is Maelstrom mod that got deleted from nexus resently,i do not own the mod's rights,all of that goes to original creator who if they want they are free to dm me in discord and ask me to take it down from here   how to start:to start this mod talk to the inn keeper in winking skeever in solitude,and ask if he knows some work for you. or you can find the new location along the coastline wich also leads to starting the quest.   what the mod offers:a fully voice acted f

    570  7772 
    169.81 MB

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