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10 files

    This is the Way - An Armor Quest Mod

    In Quests


    Hey guys thanks for checking out my mod The video below will tell you everything you need to know about this mod so watch it to the end! Don't forget to leave a comment on the video, like, share and all that!     Why is this a Quest Mod? Because you have to complete the Quest to be able to craft the weapons and armor.   What are the Requirements to craft the Armor? Did you watch the video?   Where is the Book? V-i-d-e-o  

    30  1761 
    101.08 MB

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    The World Of RipX

    [RipX] The Lost Cavern of Prophecy - A Gemstone Prophecy Prequel

    In Quests


    GO TO THE NIGHTGATE INN to begin, look for the BOOKS. Read them. THEY are your only guides.   Review at 14:15   100 Years ago Molag Bal decided that the world should die, and gathered the evil energy of man's sin in order to create a being that would do just that. In defense, the Divines endowed 8 magical gemstones with power, and created 8 Gemstone Maidens, 4 of whom at that time fought Bloodstone, the created harbinger and servant of Molag Bal. After a fierce battle t

    126  21  2930 
    26.53 MB

    [RipX] The Gemstone Prophecy II: Deception

    In Quests


    Now, for this mod, you will need to start your journey in the courtyard of  the maidens. The door to this courtyard is in the courtyard of the Blue  Palace of Solitude, on the right when you zone in. Remember, you NEED to READ all the books. The books ARE the game, in a way. There  are no quest markers. Just follow the Books and their direction and  you'll be fine. The Story    In this, the second part of the Gemstone Trilogy, It has been just a year  since the Maidens of the 4th Prophecy

    98  1648 
    1.07 GB

    [RipX] The Gemstone Prophecy III: Denouement

    In Quests


    de·noue·ment/ˌdāno͞oˈmäN/ The final part of a play, movie, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved. The Gemstone Prophecy Saga Concludes with this final part of the trilogy!! i was like "wow...just wow". I enjoyed every single second of play" - HellSpawm "Instead of a trilogy can't The Gemstone Prophecy be more like Friday the 13th and just keep going and going. Its one of my favorite quests and I love the followers" - L

    79  2007 
    449.26 MB

    [RipX] The Gemstone Prophecy I: Destiny

    In Quests


    It has been five months since the Shyeri Warrior Rolonce' had become famous in Skyrim by discovering the Lost Cavern of Prophecy, finding the ruins of an ancient battle between the Bloodstone & the Gemstone Maidens, proving that the legends of lore were actually true. You have been given a tip of another set of ruins, set out to discover them, & become famous as well. From the minds of The Lost Cavern of Prophecy & Hammet's Dungeon Packs comes... The Gemstone Prophecy, a quest

    117  2316 
    347.05 MB

    [RipX] The Bow of Alarra - Kanala the Ruthless and The Path of Vengeance - Part 2

    In Quests


    This mod gives you: - A custom bow - 2 Followers - A dungeon quest - A new player house (Kanala's Ayleid home)   NEW to this series? Part 1 is HERE:        Find Constantia and her book in the marketplace of Riften to start your adventure. Follow Lysander on Twitch for cool Skyrim streams! https://www.twitch.tv/the_underearth "As discussing the situation of Alarra the Swift. Favoring the bow at a young age, this Shyeri warrior became a skilled archer, T

    68  1375 
    218.39 MB

    [RipX] The Staff of Xamirra - Kanala the Ruthless and The Path of Vengeance - Part 3

    In Quests


    Start your adventure by finding Kanala, Constantia, and the FIRST BOOK in the Temple of Dibella. Read the books. Do what they say. They are the only quest guides here. This mod gives you: - A custom staff - 3 Followers - A dungeon quest - A store house - An end to the "Kanala and the Path of Vengeance" series story. Thank you for playing the mod! The next one is gonna be C R A Z Y! ! ! NEW to this series? Part 1 is HERE:   Part 2 is here:    "As discu

    52  1263 
    45.83 MB

    [RipX] The Hammer of Krenah - Kanala the Ruthless and The Path of Vengeance -- Part 1

    In Quests


    Welcome to my NEW mod series. After The Gemstone Prophecy, I wanted to do something different but still in that universe...just no maidens. This is Part 1 of a small 3 part episodic series: Kanala the Ruthless: The Path of Vengeance. Made to be played with "Kanala the Ruthless" follower, which you can DL at      "This is the tale of Krenah the Fierce. Even in her youth, dedication was at the heart of young Krenah. Ever since she was a wee lass, she trained hard alongside her Shye

    83  1464 
    1.14 MB

    Smooth Camera 📷

    In Quests


    If you want to get my another works, plz subscribe me https://www.youtube.com/c/InpaSkyrim   ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ [DOWNLOAD] Smooth Cam https://github.com/mwilsnd/SkyrimSE-SmoothCam/releases

    415  7740 
    54 B

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    SkyComplete SSE

    In Quests


    A port of the removed oldrim SkyComplete   Had not found the quests in the game? Think if all places Skyrim visited? Or do you want to read all the books, not having missed any? SkyComplete will help you!SkyComplete-an automated system for tracking the quests, locations, and books. In particular, through the menu, the following tracks: MCM-Quests that you have not yet found-Current jobs-Completed jobs-Random quests (click on them mark them as "completed")-Not visited locations-Books, v

    1,931  18759 
    95.31 kB

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