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Radios listed here

2 files

    Mighty Main Menu Music Replacer

    In Radio


    Watch the video to preview the music. That's what I made it for! Small mod developed for Youtube Streamers and Youtube Channel Partners. Copyright Free Music by Kevin O'Sullivan (used with permission) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6i4tDpci2i5CJ1OgLlbJA/featured Why do I need this mod? If you are a streamer with a monetized Youtube Channel you might have noticed that the default main menu music may catch you copyright claims causing your video to share the monetization. Whic

    10  2360 
    3.44 MB

    Maintain Radio Silence

    In Radio


    This is a simple mod. It has only one purpose. It turns off the radios that play copyrighted music in the game all the time. This is a must if you live stream or make video on Youtube or Twitch to avoid Copyright Claims. It does not however cover the radios you build in the workshop. It turns off the radio playing in the background during Character creation. I think I got all the others but if you find one DM me on Discord The Mighty Nine#9485 with the exact location of the offend

    1.36 kB

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