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This is for every category I haven't made yet

3 files

    Ichirou Shojo Race Custom v1.0

    In Other


    A remake of the Shojo Race for NV. Features: Standalone Base from the old Fallout 3 Version as it had way less un-needed extras Works for Type3 and Type4 Bodies (Uses Type4 Head)  added Neko Version  You can Add Lings Coiffure Via Hair Patcher Two For more hairs and stuff New High Quality Eyes Use Height Menu to Set their height and Fix the Character Creation Camera bug of the original mod. Added lots more hair Fixed Male head part

    139  3315 
    194.4 MB

    Shojo Race v9s Complete

    In Other


    This is the Shojo Race v09s for Fallout New Vegas Complete has everything you need to use it made for archive purposes.   Comes ready for the Type4 Seamless body.   standard Fallout Mod install and usage.   Use this mod to fix your height and Character Creation. Height Menu - it also fixes the issue with them shrinking in the character creation window making it hard to see them.  i use 5 foot 3 on this mod.       Taken from Nexus Page:   Feat

    159  3500 
    462.32 MB


    In Other


    My first play-through in Fallout New Vegas I was pretty content to just store all my stuff in a Crate just outside the saloon. But with a smidgen of modding experience and a hare up my a**, I spent four days putting this mod together. It's basically a basement full of ordered containers for storing weapons, armor, junk and just about everything else in an organized fashion.   I went ahead and added all the accoutrements like the reloading bench, workbench, laboratory, infirmary

    28.12 kB

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