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Player homes, Mansions, houses, ect

5 files

    MW Sentry Turret [Archived]

    In Workshop


    This is not my mod I did NOT make it or alter it in anyway. This is a Sentry turret that was ported to FO4 from Call of duty MW  by I beleive the mod author IceStormNG and was Deleted from the Nexus. I am uploading it here on Schakens so that other people may enjoy it also as it was an amazing mod, a workshop turret that is very effective an has great animations, textures an sounds. This is an ARCHIVE version only again I did NOT make this or alter in any way. There is a Full Russian localizatio

    241  3758 
    27.1 MB

    Wasteland Army FNV Train an Metro Train

    In Workshop


    This mod allows you to make The NV style Train from https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/46855   with permissions by minime453 the mod author of the Textures and the model from ryanfss' Modders Resource https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45681. The mod also allows you to build the Metro Railcar Modders Resource by Strider5 with permissions https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/33064. I am still working on the doors they are animated.

    32.87 MB

    Otto Mattaks Studio Props and Equipment

    In Workshop


    This mod adds its own menu and requires settlement menu manager, it also adds over 40 items to your workshop that is television or radio related all vanilla items. This mod also requires Place everywhere and workshop framework in order to place and resize some items. All items are scrappable and movable after placement but the Studio Loungers lids will open if you move after placing and wont close again. Also the radio tower, news room map and world map cant be moved once placed. This is a new m

    27.43 kB

    Wasteland Army Workshop

    In Workshop


    This workshop mod has alot of military themed items along with prefab buildings, new guard posts, Bos walls and other barricades. It has an Uninstaller in the chem bench to safely remove it from your workshop an game.

    23  1338 
    19.26 MB

    Wasteland Navy Workshop

    In Workshop


    This Workshop mod adds a variety of naval themed and custom made boats and new Guard towers fully assignable an adds to your defense rating , new power and water sources, and some other little things.  This Workshop comes with a chem uninstaller that can be found in the chem bench so it can be safely removed from your workshop an game .

    10.02 MB

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