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Weapons, NOT magic spells.

28 files

    [Ichirou] Sakura Katana Pack

    In Weapons


    Ichirou's Sakura Katana Pack   5 Sakura Themed Japanese Swords Roughly a bit stronger then daedric weapons of their type. The Swords: Sakura Katana - 1- handed   Tachi - 2-handed   Ninjato - 1-handed     Wakizashi - 1-Handed short sword   Tanto  - Dagger

    162  3543 
    217.51 MB

    Dead Dragon Weapons Pack

    In Weapons


    The Dead Dragon Weapons Pack, the dragons soul is in each weapon  The Sword, Dirvgut  The Axe, Kulnis The Hammer, Thurnus The Mace, Odmah The Dagger, Vadgaar Each dragon captured soul in each weapon in the lost art of magic long forgotten The Dead Dragon Weapon pack Created By Seetruck-2000 Can be created at any forge using the Dragon Armor perk. Can be added by AddItemMenu mod   DawnGuard Dragonborn Hearthfire

    151  2780 
    29.56 MB

    Fresh's "Sword of Fiery Darkness"

    In Weapons


    Fresh's "Sword of Fiery Darness         -Custom Sword with great visuals! -High Def Textures!   Can be Dual-Wielded!            

    66  2263 
    11.56 MB

    Gandolf's Staff of White Fire

    In Weapons


    This was an old mod of mine that I reworked a bit. IT HAS WHITE FIREBALLS! 

    57  1768 
    56.16 MB

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