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New races, edited races only.

5 files

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    Ichirou's Race

    In Races


    You can Choose From Human, Elf, Cat, Bunny, Fox, Inari, Mouse, Squirrel, or an Oni Girl at any time.   This is a mash-up of my Cutiepie Race, Inari Race, and my unreleased race the Oni.  They have been combined into one race "Ichirou Race".  This was done to fix several issues with having more then one and some issues in RaceMenu when switching races and my custom head.  I removed all the fancy stuff and went to the basics.  I made this race more universal as it now uses what skin you

    514  19  5769 
    198.48 MB

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    • Sexy 1

    Ichirou's Inari Race

    In Races


    Ichirou's Inari Race   Demi-god that acts as a messenger to the people and can act on the will of their sender on the mortal plane.   This will be my last Race I make for Skyrim outside of commissions.   Mage Class Stats: Restoration - 5 Illusion     - 5 Conjuration - 10 Alteration  - 5 Speech     - 5 Sneak      - 5   Destruction is included but has no boost since most Foxfi

    924  19  17422 
    443.14 MB

    [Ichirou] [Saint] Okami Shoujo Race

    In Races


    [Ichirou] [Saint] Okami Shoujo Race A Half Wolf Half Human Race The Race is Geared for the Assassain/Thief/Rogue Class Play Starting Stats: One-Handed: +5 Archery: +10 Light Armor: +5 Lockpicking: +5 Sneak: +5 Illusion: +5 HP: 50 Magicka: 50 Stamina: 50 Carryweight: 300 Height: 0.95 (Female Breton Height) Racial Perks Razer Claws - 4x Unarmed Damage Shadow Paws - +15 Sneak Permanent This Race was commiss

    240  5591 
    129.6 MB

    • Like 3
    • Approve 1
    • Love 4

    Ichirou's Cutiepie Race

    In Races


    Ichirou's Cutiepie Race Selected by the gods to be cute and beautiful and granted the powers of a Demi God.  Though they prefer to charm you then fight you.  Piss them off and you may find an arrow or dagger in your back... Height 0.93 approx - 5 foot 3 (~160cm) Class Specific Race Versions built around a weapon play style with perk for that class and at least1 new class Weapon   Default Cutiepie:   Default Skills: Skills and stats

    2,450  21  18778 
    191.18 MB

    Azure Witch Race

    In Races


    This is a custom race i did for my self.  She comes with a full set of new fire magic - Azure Flames Magic (aka Gods Fire),  She utilizes my own custom head meshes and sliders for RM.   height x.92 custom bodyslide preset for a petite yet bigger breasted look all levels of custom fire spells custom bound bow and sword NOT FLAGED AS CHILD so SL will work if not get the unfiltered patch (i never used SL much)  

    255  6764 
    59.08 MB

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