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Magic Spells and Game play

For Magic Spells and Game play changers for magic based characters

3 files

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    Clockwork Tot

    Clockwork Tot Origins - ALL in one - Guns, Robot Girls, Armor, Magic, CBBE (3BBB) - SMP

    In Magic Spells and Game play


    If you would like more "accomodation" for the Clockwork Tots - and a number of nice upgrades, The Clockwork Tot Weaponry Baracks has been completed to a playable state :):)  Obv will require this one, and adds a lot of nice touches to it - As far as am aware, this will work with both the newer 7Gb+ version as well as the older and much smaller version.  I would love to hear feedback of any bugs / problems .. so can fix them asap :):)   5.4 - Gears of Fate and Innocence - the story

    640  25  6463 
    9.02 GB

    Mod Deleted.

    The mod God's Be Praised was deleted By poop man 69 on .

    Click here to view details

    Master Enchanter Gloves

    In Magic Spells and Game play


    "What in the Blue Hells is this, Nine?!??" Ummm a stupid little mod I made that if used correctly can make your character into Talos' Hillbilly Uncle Brother's Daddy 🙄 "How do I find these Gloves?" Watch da video below "B-b-b-b-but I'm a hyper Khajiit kitten suffering from Skooma Addiction" Shaaaaadddduuuppp   Now I realize that no one needs these Gloves, but i understand if, as a fellow mod author, you want to tear apart the mod to see how I did it.

    24  1027 
    5.77 kB

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