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Modders Resources

Resource files for modders

10 files

    Modders and Players Cheat Resource Hotkeys

    In Modders Resources


    Are you a modder or player and need quick hotkey references that is useful? Or just need a quick way to get some gold, lock picks or even make changes to the game style?   No more remembering console commands. Use this mod and set 5 hotkeys in the configuration mode. You now have the power at your fingertips.   Comes with five .txt files that can be changed or modified. Manual install in the Skyrim data folder is highly recommended.   I've already set references as

    29.45 kB

    [JF] Male Vanilla Bodyslide Reference

    In Modders Resources


    [JF] Male_Vanilla Bodyslide Reference                                                                                                               This mod makes it possible to load the VANILLA Male body into Outfit Studio as a   reference for making vanilla shaped armors. Includes a few select sliders.   There is also a Reference.xml file that goes alongside Bodyslide.exe and   Outfit Studio.exe that makes it possible to load all your favorite re

    1 73  3191 
    928.4 kB

    DAZ Studio Male Scene Preset - SMMB Shape - Genesis 8 M

    In Modders Resources


    This is a DAZ Studio file that is shaped like the SMMB reference file nif.    This will get updates periodically.     The instructions of where to put this file is included in the ZIP. The DUF file can be "dragged and dropped" into DAZ render window.  It's as easy as that! Video Tutorial BELOW!!! DO NOT INSTALL THIS LIKE A MOD!   IT IS NOT A MOD!!    Using this file, we will all be able to port male outfits much easier than ever. There will be a YouTube vi

    2 92  2817 
    3.87 MB

    DAZ Studio Female Scene Preset - CBBE Shape - Genesis 8 F

    In Modders Resources


    This is a DAZ Studio preset scene file to mimic the cbbe skyrimSE shape.       WATCH THE VIDEO FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE!

    1 57  3839 
    459.5 kB

    [JF] DAZ Genesis 9 Female to CBBE Preset for DAZ Studio

    In Modders Resources


    This is a preset for DAZ Studio of the Genesis 9 female body shaped to CBBE body for Skyrim. It's not 100% as Genesis 9 figures use different bones than Genesis 8, but it's pretty close.    If you find this helpful, how about buying me a coffee!  

    1 20  1296 
    75.58 kB

    Clockwork Tot TV and Movies

    In Modders Resources


    As for Dependancies - I believe this has 0 dependancy ... possibly would not hurt to run papyrus tweaks but I do not think it is mandatory. Have not tested but if want to run thru Catherdral Asset Optimiser, this may in theory run in LE as well ...    Adds a TV (yes with moving images and sound) that is currently set up in Windhelm - Candlehearth Inn can be used as a resource for any area would like to add some "atmosphere" to ..    The screen is separate from the T

    30  900 
    1.14 GB

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    [JF] Skyrim Hub v1.0.7

    In Modders Resources


    This is a tool I built in Unity that allows you to have all your modding tools in one place!       Rather than a folder of exe's or shortcuts everywhere, this exe holds all the info to open your favorite modding programs. ****This tool will AUTOMATICALLY show you if an update is available.****   If there are any programs you would like added, just comment here or on my discord.

    18  1012 
    25.73 MB

    xEdit Script - JFreshAddsSpecular

    In Modders Resources


    JFreshAddsSpecular   Modified ItAddsSpecular script. Does all the same functions, with a few additions....   Works for LE\SE\AE nifs. Sets Shader Flags 1 to enable specular Sets Glossiness to the user-defined value.  Sets the Specular Color to the user-defined value if it's black Will change Specular Strength to default value of 0.1 (for now until I can figure out how to make a selection box for that too.)        

    27  926 
    5.4 kB

    xEdit script: automatically generate crafting and temper recepies

    In Modders Resources


    This is mainly for modders, could be used by normal users however. Aim is to automatically generate COBJ (Constructible Object) records (Temper and Crafting) from armor records, based on the armor keywords.    Script defines materials and quantity to set based on armor piece keywords - MaterialXXX and ArmorXXX.  If not assigned, script has default values - steel ingot (in both scripts) for material if MaterialXXX was not defined - quantity of 1 for Crafting if ArmorXXX was n

    111  2300 
    3.64 kB

    Clean Imperial Tower Resource

    In Modders Resources


    What this basically is:   This is basically a pre built 6 level Imperial Tower interior using custom meshes I cleaned the moss off Custom pool mesh Includes COC Marker on first floor, Center Location Marker on the 2nd Exterior model (Double vanilla height) w/ lods Cell name is M9TSTower01 Loose files Example ESP It only Requires the Base Game   Use it however you guys want   Well there is another requirement (c

    969.76 kB

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