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Vanilla NPCs Character overhauls

6 files

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    Beautiful Draugr - AE CBBE Phys converted (en/ru)

    In NPC


    A replacer for Draugrs (both male and female) to appear a little bit more 'eyecandy'.  This mod is a conversion of an old one from LE from 9damao depth, and I could not find the original page.  Changes made: Built-in body and armors converted to CBBE Physics Added HH-option Added russian translation Added an option for no-loot version (original mod allowed to loot dead draugrs' armors, which was imbalanced) Fixed an issue with original mod when ambush draug

    313  2832 
    21.04 MB

    Camilla Valerius Replacer by Hound740

    In NPC


    Hello. This is my Camilla Valerius Replacer. I just put more make up , changed the eyes, gave her a different hairstyle and put a bikini on her. It is just a simple mod. I know I made her look like a streetwalker and it probably breaks immersion, so if you don't want to download it is okay. Requires Ks Hairdos,FemaleMakeup Suite, Eyes of Beauty, cbbe body , and Micro Bikini by Xuniana(whihc is an oldrim mod but easily ports to Anniversary Edition, just download it and install w/your mod manager)

    1.32 MB

    AsherzNPCs Camilla Valerius Basics Customizer

    In NPC


    AsherzNPCs Camilla Valerius Basics Customizer   I'm going to start rolling out my NPC replacers   Each npc replacer will be highly customizable and easy to update the face, headparts, skin and body. Choose makeup.   If you like to replace the head of this replacer with another but not sure how then send me a message to do it for you. 🙂   My goal behind these replacers is to offer something new, next gen, high quality and simpl

    107  1233 
    27.49 MB

    Sassy Dolls Spanish Translation

    In NPC


    10  471 
    3.39 MB

    Hound's Merchant Pack

    In NPC


    Add's Three Merchants with very nice wares. warning this is immersion breaking. One merchant in Riverwood is a High Elf named Henry, One merchant in Falkreath in Dead Man;s Drink is a Imperial named Flavius Nero and the Last Merchant is Isablle a Breton in Dragons Bridge they sell unique Items in the game like Chillrend  and others Spoiler Alert!(if you are not in the Theivesguild but still want to get this powerful weapon).Requires Skyrim AE. Thanks to everyone at Schaken Mods for helping me an

    59.55 kB

    Marjolainne-Camilla Valerius clone Follower Ranger Combat style

    In NPC


    This is my Camila Valerius clone Marjolainne, She is at sleeping giant inn wearing only boots, she will be what ever body type and skin type you have. So if you have a vanilla camilla Valerius she will look like vanilla. I have Cbbe curvy body installed 3ba, Bijin wivews bijin skin and Bijin Camilla with High Poly Vanilla Hair by ostrichhairs. all got from the other site. She dosen't come with any clothes except imperial light boots and a silver necklace of health. she has a crossbow and 20 bolt

    22  536 
    1.25 kB

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