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Player Homes

Player homes, Castles, houses, ect

4 files

    White River Cottage {Archive}

    In Player Homes


    This is not my mod. Credits go to the original creator: gentester       It's not a cottage, it's a nice medium sized house   This is an archived mod that I've had for many years for LE, loving it so much, ported it over to Skyrim SE AE 1.5.97   It's no longer available on the internet for SE so I took it up myself to fix the old one I had a copy of and port it over.   This is a really nice house located on the edge of Riverwood near the bridge th

    93  1171 
    80.57 MB

    Clockwork Tot Weaponry Baracks - Workshop Extension

    In Player Homes


    Finaly - the Clockwork Bots / Tots / Dolls and the many other variants of Advanced Dwemer Automata - have a place to 'hang out' This extends the workshop area from Clockwork Tot Origins - All in One - which will be getting updated, but that is going to take some time. Current versions definately work :):) As far as I am aware, this will function with both the large and small versions (both 5.4 and 4.6), make sure when installing, that this one overwrites the older origins version.

    25  565 
    2.84 GB

    Clockwork Tot Origins - Follower / Player Home / Outfits (1 Female 1 Male)

    In Player Homes


    This mod has been restructured and updated - new version here       The origins of the Clockwork Tots ... Below Whiterun - apparently unnoticed by anyone .. there is a small factory still operating - making or at this stage rather maintaining - the Clockwork Tot weapons   Dr Karl - an older Elf gentleman .. is apparently unaware (or is not concerned with the matter) that he Dwemer have no need or use for these destructive devices any more. You will find him tin

    55  2108 
    508.05 MB

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    Lakeshore Cabin

    In Player Homes


    I originally built this house for myself, with an emphasis on convenience and efficiency, which explains why there are containers on each floor, extra enchanter and alchemy lab, the locations of the three stones, etc. Later on I decided to share it, since so many creators have shared their work with me. This log cabin home is unique. Hand made from vanilla assets, and literally built one log at a time from the ground up. The windows on the outside are set to be dark during the day, then light up

    159  3218 
    557.5 kB

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