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Weapons and weapon packs

8 files

    Ashtoreth Sword of Peru

    In Weapons


    Meshes and texture materials are made by me from scratch for personal use. They may not be reuploaded or transmitted in any form by any means, without my permission. ♥ It can be crafted at the forge It can be tempered Please do not post elsewhere! ESL Flag! This mod contains: - Sword of Peru - Dagger of Peru Enjoy ♥  

    13  551 
    78.21 MB

    Clockwork Tot Armaments and Heavy Weapons

    In Weapons


    Adds Heavy Weapons and includes all the firearms of the Clockwork Tot set separately (no followers / armors / etc) Has options for DAR and non DAR animations .... Non DAR is only 1st person scoping for rifles .. while DAR option has custom animations for heavy guns and pistols   All items are craftable / temperable / smeltable   USSEP may be required for the sounds to be a little more consistent If instaling with other Clockwork Tot mods - any conflicts are jus

    24  835 
    228.54 MB

    The Sword of the Iron Crown

    In Weapons


    This is a mod of a sword, basically the sword of the crusader from the knights of the nine creation club content. I took out its enchanment and gave it more critical damage and a hgher stagger ability. this is a powerful sword but it will be best used on legendary difficulty (you will still die if you fight like a maniac and swing away without protecting yourself) can be upgrade with a steel ingot but cannot be sold. It was gifted to whoever picks it up from Albion  the King of the Lombards, fro

    8.66 MB

    Mod Deleted.

    The mod Adrajaalgor - The Volcanic Warhammer was deleted By Zane Drakoz on .

    Click here to view details

    Mod Deleted.

    The mod Stormrazor - The Thunderous Blade was deleted By Zane Drakoz on .

    Click here to view details

    Clockwork Tot's Flamethrower

    In Weapons


    Adds a moderately overpowered Flamethrower to the Clockwork Tot weapon systems Uses the vanilla Crossbow framework - so no extra requirements beyond Unofficial Skyri, Special Edition Patch  .. and Clockork Tot 1.5 mods     This mod has been updated to a new version ... it is included in the master file of the Clockwork Tot set    

    25  1040 
    45.65 MB

    Clockwork Tot - WOMD Edition 1.5 Full - Extended - CBBE - Optional Heels Sound

    In Weapons


    Added an "all in one" download - includes all previous mods in the set. Hopefully will solve the recurring file conflicts as each one uses similar texture / mesh files :):)   This mod set is updated here - please only use these files if specificaly looking for the OLD versions The new structure has changed rendering these files incompatable - but am only leaving accessible as is possible somebody may want them for an old loadout.   if making a new load order do

    185  2340 
    1.96 GB

    Weapons of the genshin SSE

    In Weapons


    this mod has been removed from the nexus. I am not the author and I do not know who (the mod remained with me, perhaps someone is looking for it, bows and swords are in fashion, everything works without problems.

    426  4582 
    13.42 MB

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