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Skyrim Anniversary Edition (Guild Mods)

Sub Category  

Files From Subcategories

    Recorder the Fully-Voiced Follower Remastered AE

    In Followers


    Recorder Remastered Anniversary Edition     Schaken-Mods EXCLUSIVE! (Upload NOWHERE ELSE!)     Recorder Remastered Anniversary Edition is a semi stand-alone follower replacer for PotasticPanda's custom-voiced follower mod Recorder the Fully Voiced Follower. Featuring a new custom Charmers of the Reach Head Mesh and Textures with an updated look to Recorder as originally intended.   Original Recorder the Fully Voiced Follo

    21  695 
    168.02 MB

    Carling Stormbow - Ice Storm Mage

    In Followers


    This is only my third follower mod and my first female follower.   She is Carling Stormbow possessing the power of the Northern winds and ice flows.  You can find her in the snowiest port in Tamriel, Dawnstar. She has camped out in the Jarl's Longhouse. She is always looking to learn something new. But her current power set is sure to flash freeze anyone opposing her!   She has a CBBE body and head.    Her bodysuit is from Honkai3's Herrsc

    55.67 MB

    Marie Rose Race Fixed Edition

    In Races


    This is the completely fixed and reworked edition of my mod thanks to @Schaken.   It is basically the same as the other mod but with the following fixes:   Fixed the head being incompatible with other hairstyles. Fixed vanilla vampires scripts so the player can now transition into a vampire naturally. Added Better Vampires compatibility. Fixed the completely broken mouth so expressions now work.            

    54  901 
    93.45 MB

    [Schaken-Mods] Slave of the Scorn (HDT)

    In Outfits


    this has 5 pieces to it. the skirt, top, gloves, boots, and the mask. Build at a forge, use AIM, OR use SFM to obtain.

    39  1965 
    14.12 MB

    [Schaken-Mods] Sublime Sester (3BAv2)

    In Outfits


    This is a port from Mortal Shell. Build in bodyslide first. The head part is 3 pieces, you can mix and match!  build at a forge, or get with AIM, or SFM

    27  1214 
    32.91 MB

    [Sgt Obvious] Bless Lorien

    In Outfits


    This outfit is Lorien outfit from the game BlessOnline The outfit is made for 3BAv2 and must be built in BodySlide before using in game. I added a version that is CBBE, the zip will say CBBE in the files section. This mod also comes with a custom Bow and Arrows with the same stats as vanilla Ebony Bow and Arrows. The outfit is light armor and has the same stats as vanilla leather outfit. Everything is craftable at any forge except the Skyforge. You can craft ev

    46  888 
    32.63 MB

    Sofia the Funny Fully Voiced Follower Anniversary Edition

    In Followers


    Sofia Remastered Anniversary Edition     Schaken-Mods EXCLUSIVE! (Upload NOWHERE ELSE!)     Sofia Remastered Anniversary Edition is a semi stand-alone follower replacer for John Jarvis and Christine Slagman's custom-voiced follower mod Sofia the Funny Fully Voiced Follower. Featuring a new custom Charmers of the Reach Head Mesh and Textures with an updated look to Sofia as originally intended.   Original Sofia the Funny Fully Voiced Foll

    60  1398 
    84.41 MB

    Adirina Custom Healer

    In NPC


    This is a Beta test of My Follower,  A WIP Any Feed back weather good or bad appreicated. She is frostfall compatable. You can find her at the winterhold Inn. any bug reports can be placed on my discord channel, https://discord.gg/JdDxwFSnW3 under Adirina custom healer bug reports or on schakens discord in beta testers channel

    58  1560 
    475.25 MB

    Mod Deleted.

    The mod HeyBaby Follower Jenny was deleted By -Rune- on .

    Click here to view details

    • Like 9
    • Love 14
    • WOW 3

    [Schaken-Mods] Aurora - Lost in time

    In NPC


    “Tryeth to recall wherefore ye art hither..” You are out on your various travels and quests. When in the deep of the night a voice calls out in the dark. Terrified and desperate. Soon her attackers become yours. What will you do next? Will you champion this young woman? Protect her and take care of her? Or will you give in to darker designs? Is thy soul as black as thither night? Travel Skyrim with a sweet and gentle soul in need of your aid. Your choices and actions will effect her personal

    421  16  9073 
    1.87 GB

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