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For NPC Followers.

4 files

    Moonlight LE Standalone Follower

    In Followers


    CBBE and UUNP, HDT versions. Essential, can be married, Dual capable, single sword, explosive fire archer. Located in Windhelm.        Moonlight  ******************* **Brazilian delight**  *******************     In her own way, Moonlight likes to be a fair fighter with her shield and sword, with a fully equipped Nord bow and 2000 firebolt arrows, she will surely give a good death.   Take away her shield and she will dual slice and dice the enemy li

    40  842 
    323.7 MB

    Clockwork Tot Colorful Cat Club HDT - CBBE + Follower

    In Followers


    A back port of the SE mod found here Clockwork Tot Mk2   Inspired by the Colorful Cat Club outfit for the Elin characters in TERA   Find her outside the Kynesgrove Inn All armor and her weapons are craftable   The outfit will need building in BodySlide to fit nicely   For dialogue and follower functionality - you will need Relationship Dialogue Overhaul RDO at the very least No doubt will also need a follower manager, I always use one (any will do) but the RDO is a must eithe

    12  508 
    349.22 MB

    Mod Deleted.

    The mod Lynette The Virtuous Maiden 1.0 - ES was deleted By Gothuska on .

    Click here to view details

    georgebache a warrior follower

    In Followers


    she is in the sleeping giant, she is like something lydia, she is cbbe and is imperial race. exclusive mod only in schaken papa, if the follower dialog dont shows, i high recomend a mod like "amazing follower tweaks" to solve it.

    26  1191 
    4.13 MB

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