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Player Homes

Player homes, Castles, houses, ect

3 files

    Noxides Proudspire Manor - Hearthfire Compatible

    In Player Homes


    Cleaned with Tes5Edit V3.0.31 Description/Features I'm uploading this as is, as it was never really intended for anything other than personal use. If you have any issues, please let me know and I will fix them to the best of my abilities. If you haven't built the manor yet, the house will be completely empty except for a desk in the main bedroom that has the Stone of Barenziah on it.You still need to purchase everything from Falk Firebeard as you would normally. I linked everything in the house

    22  277 
    70.35 MB

    Falkreath Cave House - Adoption and Follower Friendly

    In Player Homes


    Intro This is a mid-size player home constructed from Nordic Ruins architecture. So it's basically a cave with all the stuff needed to live in it. It's in a new world space, so no enemies or Legendary dragons or entranced foxes will try to murder your family. If you use Better Vampires, then the Dawnguard will still come after you and try to kick your a** though. It's fully functional, but it is sparsely cluttered, mainly because that's the way I prefer to play, but also because it gives you the

    12  285 
    59.27 MB

    Dawnstar Retreat

    In Player Homes


    After using other mods, some of which are phenomenal; I decided it was time to throw my hat in the ring, for better of worse. I have been tweaking mods for my personal use for a while. For what it is worth, it is time to give back. I noticed most of the player homes were located around the capital cities, with a scattering in the outlying areas. For those of us playing Frostfall it created some challenges, especially in the cold North.   I chose Dawnstar for a couple reasons. First,

    29  1104 
    111.13 kB

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