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Body, Face, Hair

For Skin, Eyes, Brows, Scars, and Hair mods

8 files

    Jack's Angels Series: Part Two of Five

    In Body, Face, Hair


    This is the SECOND of my series of enigmatic and sexy presets. There will be 30 total. They are combobulated from my long list presets I have in my collection. I morph different presets like eyes sockets from one, nose from another, head shape from this one, etc. The FRANKENSTEIN approach, if you will. And get original looking people, I think. There will also be some that are completely original. So here are the first 6.     ADORE My own complete creation   ANGEL Bl

    75  716 
    23.88 MB

    Nikisha Redgaurd Teen Racemenu Preset

    In Body, Face, Hair


    Nikisha is a sweet yet sultry Teen Redgaurd Preset for Racemenu. All work was done solely in Racemenu including any fine sculpting. I tried to keep her as simple as possible and with basicaly only one hard requirement. I have included the sculpt export files as they will be needed if the face does not look correct using the preset file. If the preset does not look quite right just import the sculpt files in racemenu and she should then look correct. All screenshots were

    28  1549 
    451.98 kB

    Nails Your Way

    In Body, Face, Hair


    Nails Your Way Join Schaken Mods click here Created by Seetruck-2000   Nails Your Way was created in Blender from scratch   Converted from 3DS max for Skyrim SE and AE   Nails Your Way can be created at any forge and tempered.   it's also Schaken FM ready   Textures are in a BSA to save on space           Nails Your Way   The Nails will work with fingerless gloves   You can have short or l

    78  2329 
    33.12 MB

    Shaella Redguard Racemenu Preset

    In Body, Face, Hair


    Shaella is an original face created by me. As with any of my presets I will not change hair requirements and or any other requirements. My female faces are works of art and will remain to be made with beauty and seduction in mind.   Race Redguard Weight 100   Shaella's Requirements KS Hairdo's SMP Cherry's Eyes Brows     Please feel free to leave a comment.   Shaella is a Schaken Mods Guild Exclusive and may not be shared post

    16  1939 
    3.73 kB

    Ursister Racemenu Preset

    In Body, Face, Hair


    I decided to share Ursister so that others can have a real beauty in their game. This preset is one of my original creations that I was going to use as a follower but decided to share the preset instead. All requirements are shown in the screenshot  Ursister requires SMP for her hair and I will not change that requirement. If you wish to sort through KS hairdos for the non SMP version of tthe hair be my guest. She uses Milkan Eyes Race Nord   Please feel free t

    20  1646 
    3.27 kB

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    The Cobra 3BA Body

    In Body, Face, Hair


    This is my personal preset that I use for my followers. It is made using the dimentions of a REAL human female. The Cobra body is designed to look good at all weights without becoming huge in the breast and butt, or flat chested as shown in the screenshots. Bodyslide is made for 3BA but will work with regular CBBE.   Screenshots taken using Demoniac 2K skin textures.   This mod is a Schaken Guild Exclusive and may not be shared or posted anywhere without my con

    76  1824 
    1.95 kB

    • Like 3
    • Approve 1
    • Love 4
    • Sexy 2

    Sassy Teen 3BA Body

    In Body, Face, Hair


    Sassy Teen 3BA Body Join Schaken Mods click here Created by Seetruck-2000   Sassy Teen 3BA Body   This Patch Replaces the Teen Body with a 3BA body   Nude Version and a Never Nude version in the FOMOD   This will be guild mod only         👉The Body will need to be created in Bodyslide in order for this to work👈   No outfits are done yet just the body for now       Skyrim SE or AE  

    1,085  15  9598 
    12.27 MB

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