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Dungeons, Castles, Forts

Dungeons, Castles, Forts, ect

6 files

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    Shayks Nightingale Hall

    In Dungeons, Castles, Forts


    Shayks Nightingale Hall A complete redesign of Hightingale Hall. Nightingale Hall will still be barren and empty until you return the Skeleton key to the Twilight Sepulcher, but once you complete the Nightingale Quest line Nocturnal will reward you by returning Nightingale Hall to it's rightful glory.   It includes the following: [*]Blacksmiths Forge. [*]Armor Crafting Table. [*]Weapon Sharpening Wheel. [*]Alchemy Table. [*]Enchanters Table. [*]Misc Merchant to buy

    123  3148 
    225.8 MB

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    Rune's Cathedral of Hope

    In Dungeons, Castles, Forts


    Additional content for the DarkPoint and Rune storyline.   During the waning years of the third era, Rune befriended the priestess named Jsashe. During this time the city-state of Whiterun was ruled by a fat, corrupt man who had more interest in lining his own pockets and his bed, then caring for those in his providence.   Rune wanted to build somewhere near Whiterun to help the poor, homeless and as a future hub for rescuing individuals from persecution. The then Jarl would

    366  4818 
    286.03 MB

    Storm-Song Manor Ultimate Edition w/ NPCs

    In Dungeons, Castles, Forts


    Watch the Video. That is what I made it for. Location: Whiterun 4 Followers  1 Animal Follower 1 Player horse Adoption: NO Spouse Friendly: YES Features: Refreshing supplies containers (clearly marked not Safe storage), Junk Barrels (get rid of those prisoner outfits), skill increase and stats increase buttons, Custom Enchanter Shrine, 7 Armor mannequins, Staff Enchanter, Full Crafting, custom music. Working shower.  Livestock, Refreshing Beehives. Custom Bookshelves for 10

    117  3336 
    106.85 MB

    Storm-Song Manor + Followers

    In Dungeons, Castles, Forts


    Watch the video that is what I made it for Most if not all of your questions will be answered in the video (Watch the video all the way to the end for a Subject #1 meme drop) This mod REQUIRES the CBBE body and textures Storm-Song Manor is located just past Battle-Born Farm It has full crafting with lots of safe storage. Just watch the video to find out more. I should mention that the arrows both of the twins carry are VERY dangerous. If you are get smacked by the poiso

    79  4877 
    201 MB

    The River Run Inn

    In Dungeons, Castles, Forts


    The River Run Inn     What is this mod? River Run Inn is a custom Inn located west of Riften. Right off a main road. River Run Inn house's four custom Npc's. The mother Meredith, her brother uncle Glenn, and her two kids Mary Beth and Thomas. Meredith has a cbbe body and uses The pure skin. She has a COTR 2 high ploy head. Glenn uses base game body to be compatible with SOS. He has a COTR 2 high poly head. Mary Beth and Thomas both use HPL heads and custom never nude bo

    194  3335 
    281.08 MB

    House In A Jar - A Portable Player Home Mod

    In Dungeons, Castles, Forts


    "House In A Jar" is a portable player home... IN A JAR! You can carry it with you on your adventure and travel there anytime by simply trying to DROP the jar out of your inventory. There are ALL NEW custom models, purchasable upgrades, and a secret chest that spawns gold each day for you. And it stacks up if you don't collect it!! SO NO WORRIES! For the exact location, please watch the short video...    --VIDEO HERE--       Thanks Again!  

    139  5178 
    50.6 MB

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