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For NPC Followers.

4 files

    Mystery Divah HPH SSE

    In Followers


    A Busty 100 weight 98 height breton Storm Mage with a custom class and a number of spells and conjuration and alterations and such. mainly a mage class and i gave her a set of arch mage robes. no other weapon other than her magic. she is skilled for roughly mid tier to high tier play depending on gear provided. She does come with the SMP wig that is identical to her static hair so you can do either option. comes with bhunp version 3.12 with built in smp into the body slides anda preset, also com

    56  1506 
    319.42 MB

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    • Love 3

    Asherz Allies Lind v1Premium SE AE

    In Followers


    UPDATE: HITFIX1v If your Lind has a glow face. I think it just effects barbarian and thief version but it's okay, it should be safe to update with any of the class versions..   Asherz Allies Lind v1Premium SE AE   Premium includes all the class options Premium comes with custom bodyslides, skin textures and body meshes   It is not advised to switch class types during the same playthrough (saved game)   Asherz Allies are npcs that interact with the gam

    100  1525 
    149.56 MB


    In Followers


    Kitteh is an Ohmes Rhatt duuel wielding Teen follower.   Kitteh is a very unique follower that has some very special abilities and will stop at nothing to aid the Dragonborn. Give her  plenty of EMPTY soul gems of all types to unlock some of her special features.  She has her own unique set of daggers that cannot be taken or traded. She has her own body  and skin. She is level 50 and combat skills are 100.  She is Esssential  Marriage NO and will never be

    64  832 
    29.27 MB

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    • Approve 2
    • Love 2
    • WOW 1

    Belle Delphine Remastered SE/AE (Schaken-Mods Edition)

    In Followers


    Thank you for making Belle Delphine Remastered a Mod of the Month!!!   Belle Delphine Remastered SE/AE (Schaken Mods Edition)   Schaken-Mods EXCLUSIVE! (Upload NOWHERE  ELSE!) Belle Delphine Remastered AE is a semi stand-alone follower replacer for Schaken's custom-voiced follower mod of the same name, based on internet personality, online interactive entertainer and pornographic actress Belle Delphine. Featuring unique armor, clothing, summoning spell

    209  3646 
    66 MB

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