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-Sereia- A New Akaviri Companion (Racemenu Preset Included) 1.0.1

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11 Screenshots

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  • Skyrim.esm, Update.esm



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About This Mod



Sereia is my shot at making a new Asian companion. It wasn't my intention but she ended up looking like my mom when she was younger.  Sereia is intended to follow alongside the Blades story line. You can find Sereia in Old Hroldan Inn. Once you can, join the Blades at Sky Haven Temple; Sereia will also be able to join if you choose. I also recommend Beyond Skyrim Bruma so you can find out what exactly happened to the Blades. 


Sereia is a descendant of the ancient Akaviri men. Sadly they are long dead and she has no other family members. She knows however that you alone can make her a Blade just as her ancestors were once long ago. 


Sereia comes with 2k body/face textures and 2k makeup overlays. I would like to credit HHaleyy for her Breton preset as I used it as a base for Sereia.


Class: Frost Mage

Voice type: Female Young Eager

Weight: 30

Weapon: None magic only

Spell: All frost spells!

Level: 10 - 110


As always, I would love to see those screenshots and videos!


If you have any questions, post a comment and I'll try to reply ASAP.


Enjoy, and happy adventuring!














taoxue's Other Mods

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    Skyrim kids overhaul with additional donyaakin follower. 

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    This is a female kids overhaul from 9damao or 3dm . The photos are from the legendary skyrim edition but since this was optimized for special edition, the skin texture is a bit different the look for SSE will be different drastically. In addition there is a patch for immersive armor swap and the bodies included are cbbe slim.

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    Woo children overhaul

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    This is a vanilla female kids overhaul. The only kids excluded from this overhaul are hearthfire kids. Their skin texture is based off of fair skin and body is unp. 

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    14  4196 
    109.74 MB

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